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Just for the record, when I did my first "New Every Two" some years back the credit was $200 - and I only found it had dropped to $100 when I went to get my next phone. So Verizon is very "flexible" about what they "do for you."
I think his elephant in this room is not PhD's (tho' many are stuck in the rarified atmosphere of academia and lack of interaction with "the folks"), rather the relative lack of input by the 53% of the pop which is female. However, that's NOT because there's any "pink ceiling" on WikiP, and even I, with my mere Masters' have found myself free to post. As is anyone. So get on it, gals if you want more "womyn's input in our digital herstory." On the other hand, people...
Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1HYUyhujl4
This has been an extremely meaty thread for AI (except for "reading the great spammed information that didn't draw my attention." Three times. ) Probably because only the truly geeky who care about the infrastructure and societal/economic underpinnings of technology gravitate to the threads that veer away from the Apple-MS-Google gadget and PC wars and invective filled "iPhone!" "No, that's POS, Android" religious disputes.I could quote any number of interesting posts. ...
What the hell are you two going on and on about? You sound like two incensed clerics debating a meaningless scriptural conflict about two different letters in the New Testament. Stuff it already or take it to email between your babbling selves.
No offense. It was a tirade directed at you, and had no place here. I was simply bemoaning my own lost innocence when I finally discovered there are so few info grinders not hiding an ax behind their backs. That's probably human nature, and I do it too, but what bothers me is that these days there are few who actually try to be objective, and tho' many attempt to wear a cloak of unbiased fairness, it's most often a sham.
"We have no choice but to get our information from interested, and thus biased, sources." --Michael S. Kochin* You are now on my "naive list." But that's OK. Some days I'm on it too. * MSK is a Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Tel Aviv University and has held visiting appointments at Toronto, Princeton, and Yale
Murdoch's never been averse to making a profit catering to those beyond FNC's core base.His movie studio properties and networks, among other holdings, have never eschewed content from the spectrum of Hollywood talent. Matt Groening's pre-Simpson's grounding was in an alt-newspaper comic (Life in Hell), and that show has been skewering Fox by name ON Fox for decades. In today's even coarser (Family Guy, Adult Swim) age, where Homer's antics are still deft and...
"Android Awareness" may be higher than some think. And buzz around certain Android models by name - the name of the phone, not so much the phone maker - exists as well. Many of my friends are showing up with their new Androids - often small screen, plasticky ones just excited they've entered "the smart phone generation." Others, slightly geekier tout that they have an EVO or Hero or Droid or one of the Samsung Galaxy variants. But few if any of those have mentioned any...
I've been expecting this to be a hotter sub-topic than it has been. Isn't the limitation on simultaneous voice+data intrinsic to VZW's network and effectively out of Apple's control until full 4G on VZ?
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