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I don't understand the entitlement people feel from Photo services. You wouldn't walk into the store and expect to walk out with a physical photo album and pay nothing for it. So why should we expect services be given to us for free? You're going to pay for it one way or another. Google is a business. Eve so, I'll be surprised if Google makes any substantive gains in the Photos space even though it has the appearance of being free, cause they don't solve the underlying...
WEll I can't go to pastiphonereleases.com to find out. I was hoping for someone who recalled better than I
Hey, what's the word on when these become available? When apple announces something on Tuesday, is it available the same day? Or the next weekend? Anyone know?
heh, that's exactly how I use it though. i don't subscribe to a TV Subscription service. I use the iPad to watch Hulu, netflix, ABC, TED....
Wow, I suddenly feel compelled to go out and buy this product because young 20 somethings like myself designed and built it.
Why were there a bunch of posts (including all of mine in response to Harleigh Quinn) deleted? I understand the need to keep the forum focused and on topic and the whole conversation became very weedy and it makes the forum a mess and a pain to look at and read, but still. I don't quite understand why my posts (and others in response to me) were deleted. I was trying to respond civilly and personally to Harleigh Quinn and I get deleted. I don't get it.
I was googling a way to do this and came upon this thread. Just thought I'd throw my voice in here and say that I found the quickest way was to just open Disk Utility and erase the partition of my drobo that housed my Time Machine backup. It works if Time Machine is the only thing on the drive or partition. I had a 400ish GB backup and deleting it any other way would take FOREVER.
How exactly does one "email steve"? How do you get his email address?
touché I like the way Andy Inhatko put it on MacBreak weekly. People don't care if they have great coverage in Utah, they care if they have it at home and at the office. I've been very pleased with my coverage here in East Tennessee, even when all I had was edge. It was never very painful to use. But then our networks probably aren't as saturated as a lot of areas are.
I believe you're mistaken. In the previous AI article it was established that that wasn't the case.
New Posts  All Forums: