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Oh, good. I was told by others who were early adopters of itunes match that the whole thing would just not do anything if your library is too big. Maybe they changed the behavior at some point, or maybe those people were incorrect.
That's true, but currently if your library is over 25000 tracks, itunes match does not work at all, for matched or unmatched tracks.
itunes match has a track limit of 25000, my music library is too big.
I know it'd be overkill for 99% of users, but I kinda wish they would make a 256GB iPhone version, so I could finally load ALL my music in there and ditch my well worn iPod classic that I still use every day in my car. Don't expect that to happen though.
I have no issue with the content of this article. However, this is basically a near-verbatim rehash of some past articles from here at AppleInsider, with some minor mentions of the upcoming WWDC tacked on to make it seem like a new article. The content in reality has very little connection to this year's WWDC in particular, the products/services/ventures/etc that may or may not be announced, etc. So, while the content of the article is all well and good, the whole thing...
I believe that the iOS 8.2 update is just adding support for the watch in general, but not any apple pay support for the watch when paired with an iPhone yet. Even though I've also heard that apple pay with be possible with a watch paired with an iPhone 5s (which by itself does not support apple pay due to the ac of both NFC chip and the other chips necessary for apple pay security [not talking about the chip used for segregation of your fingerprint stuff from the main...
A few minor things on SolarCity:   Elon Musk doesn't own or run SolarCity. It's a publicly traded company, and he is on the board of directors. The founders and CEO and CTO are his cousins Lyndon and Peter Rive. I believe Musk contributed to funding SolarCity's startup years ago, and I would assume he's still heavily invested. But I don't think he has anything to do with day to day operations at all. Also, I highly doubt the choice of FirstSolar over SolarCity has...
Yeah, that's a standard European plug. I assume they'll be making a North American plug version as well.
Ick. Not upgrading for now. Upgraded another computer on which I don't really use iTunes, and I'm not liking a lot of the new interface stuff.
Any time someone says some equivalent to "think of the children!" as a bullet point in their argument, I know that the rest of what comes out their mouth is some sort of fear mongering bullshit trying to convince me to give up my freedoms for some sense of security or safety. My data is my data. If you have a warrant to get at it, then you can take my device and do your best. But if I want to use crazy strong crypto to keep it from you, that's what I'm going to do, and too...
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