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Ick. Not upgrading for now. Upgraded another computer on which I don't really use iTunes, and I'm not liking a lot of the new interface stuff.
Any time someone says some equivalent to "think of the children!" as a bullet point in their argument, I know that the rest of what comes out their mouth is some sort of fear mongering bullshit trying to convince me to give up my freedoms for some sense of security or safety. My data is my data. If you have a warrant to get at it, then you can take my device and do your best. But if I want to use crazy strong crypto to keep it from you, that's what I'm going to do, and too...
Ohhhh kinda sad. Bye iPod.   I bought one of the first 5GB original iPods back in 2001 just days after they announced it. Maybe it was he same day, not sure. I kept upgrading for the capacity increases, to a 10GB, a 20GB, 30GB, 60GB, and finally to the 160GB. Like many here, while I like my iPhone, I just need more storage space for my music collection. Even with the 160GB, I have to leave some stuff off.   I still use my 6th gen 160GB classic from 2007 every day as my...
I wonder if we'll have any control of this beyond a simple off/on switch. I lock down my multiple wifi networks not only with the usual WPA passwords, but also a MAC address whitelist, so even with the password, unknown devices still can't access my wifi network. It'd be good if I could make my iPhone use the same MAC address when connected to certain wifi networks, and randomize with any other wifi networks.
Updated on my iPhone, the "top stories vs recent posts" setting usually at the top of the timeline that always seems to mysteriously set itself back to "top stories" no matter how many times you set it back to "most recent" is now entirely missing. Ugh, why does FB try to shove the "top stories " thing so hard? No one I know wants it.
 You may actually have a network issue. If your iMac and the Apple TV are both connected via ethernet cable, make sure that neither is also connected via wifi at the same time. Also make sure you don't have any weird loops in your network, like a cable from one port back to another port on the same router. Weird stuff like that can cause network traffic chaos that you can't see other than some devices on the network will get "busier" dealing with network stuff, causing...
So... why on earth were there no games available on those localized app stores previously? What am I missing?
 Ah, sorry, I guess I misunderstood.
 I think you're missing the important bit. The article says that in about a month Apple will release some changes (I assume an updated version of XCode) that will allow devs to release 32bit for ios6 and 64bit/32bit for ios7 all in one binary. This means that all a dev has to do is hold off on updating their app to 64 bit until this XCode change is released, and they won't leave any ios6 people behind at all, not even temporarily.
 Keep in mind that the vast majority of the bulk of most apps are the assets, graphics, sounds, stuff like that, not the actual code. A 64-bit/32-bit fat binary won't be double the size of the old 32-bit-only version of the app. In a lot of cases, the file size difference is going to be negligible.
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