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The main thing about itunes 11 for me was a removal of the DJ/random play. I find it so cumbersome to work around that with v11 that my main machine is still running v10, and will probably keeping running v10 only until I'm forced to upgrade for compatibility with some new HW I want to use.
For current models, the 13" Macbook Pro w/ and w/o retina uses only the intel HD4000 too. The 15" w/ and w/o retina have both the intel HD4000 and Nvidia GT 650M, and auto switch between the 2 on the fly. All current mac mini models use only intel HD4000 as well. All the new-ish imac models use discrete Nvidia graphics chips.
No, the 63% is apple's piece of total # of paid song downloads, while 80% is apple's piece of the total downloading userbase. So, 63% is a number-of-songs thing, and 80% is a number-of-people thing.
I have a classic ipod with 160GB and it's juuuust about dead full. If they came out with a 128GB iphone, I'd considering trimming which parts of my music collection I sync and using my iphone as my car stereo the way I currently use my ipod. 64GB is great, but it's not enough for me to give up the old ipod yet. Either way, should be interesting to see which product goes to 128GB first, the iphone, ipod touch, ipad, or what.
I think the interesting usage here is taking an battery operated thing, even a really old thing, and being able to remotely power it on and off, as well as make it turn on and off via an automatic timer. It's never going to be some widespread thing you're going to want to put in all your devices, but the idea of taking some really old fashioned and adding a remote on/off feature to it without having to alter the thing at all is kind of neat.
  Ah, never saw that one before. I'm using to seeing "/s", but the "¡" was new to me. Either way, no big deal.
  Does the "¿¡" means something that I'm missing?
  This isn't an Apple product. It wouldn't even have to be limited to using only Apple products as the controller, it would just need an app for whatever other platform/device that has BT 4.0, probably some androids that have BT 4.0, though I'm not sure. Try actually reading the article before you have your knee-jerk reaction.
Here it comes, My guess is that Apple is going to sever all ties with Samsung as a supplier and chip fab contractor ASAP. I don't know how long it'll take, 9 months or 3 years or what, but Samsung is 2nd to only Google at this point in terms of being Apple's least favorite business partner. Unless something drastic changes in the next year or so, I don't see it going any other way than complete splitsville.
I think I'll first test out the new version of itunes on my non-music computer to see if it's workable for my main computer that has my itunes library. My itunes library has a little under 25000 tracks, around 1500 artists, and about 2800 albums, so some giant grid view with album artwork is not going to be workable for me at all. As boring as it is, a giant library needs text lists in some form or another to remain usable. If the source list on the left is somewhat...
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