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I'm pretty excited to upgrade. I'll be moving from my mid-2007 15" MBP with a 2.4GHz dual-core C2D to the top-end non-retina 15" MBP with a 2.6GHz quad-core i7. $250 more to bump the 2.6GHz to 2.7GHz certainly does not seem worth it. I have my pennies saved, just have to decide on some details before plunking down my order! Then the old MBP goes to my sister...
Man, I am so sick of these endless patent-related legal actions both originating from, and going against, Apple. I don't know the details of this particular one, but the vast majority of them seem to center around thiings that seem like they shouldn't be patent-able.
Doesn't appear to have fixed it for me either. Bummer.
  Yeah, I've been having this problem too, where it sees that the itunes library is there when you're on the main screen, but won't connect when you try to select it, and just hangs there until I hit the menu button to back out. Then I to go to the computer, quit itunes and relauch it and it works again. I'm going to check out the update and see if it fixes the issue.
I think some people are misreading the article. The Matrox device pictured has a DVI port, while the Belkin device will have a HDMI port. I think some people misread that and were wondering why the picture of the Matrox device doesn't show a HDMI port.   I'd much rather go for the Belkin device, primarily because of the FW800 port, and secondarily because of the thunderbolt passthrough port. I'd rather have a DVI port than a HDMI port just because of the particular...
As long as it fits ok in my pocket, a larger sceen would be fine with me. How big could it be and still fit in my pocket ok? Hard to say, I'd honestly have to feel one in my hand before deciding. Even it were a little too big, it'd still probably just be a matter of time until I ungraded to an iphone 5 or 6 or 7 or whatever, whenever the other newer features and changes become compelling enough. I use an iphone4 now, and the Siri thing on the 4s is cool, but not cool...
Are you sure eTrade's site uses Java? I thought it just used Javascript, which isn't really affected by all this Java malware and Java bug exploit stuff. I don't use eTrade currently, but as of about a year or so ago, its site only used Javascript if I recall correctly, and not Java.
I have no sympathy for the ad people in this case. Just because it will affect their bottom line doesn't mean that we consumers have to be ok with the practice. Screw 'em. If ad revenues go down and more apps have to charge 0.99 or 1.99 instead of being free to compensate, I'm ok with that. I'd much rather pay for an app I want to use than put up with a bunch of ads inside an app to save 99 cents. There's a glut of crappy free apps trying to get by on ad revenue anyway,...
I'm not saying that Apple should support it, I'm saying I don't know how to find and/or remove the problem on my sister's older machine since Apple's tool won't run on the older system. I was under the impression that both the Kaspersky tool and the Symantec tool also won't run on stuff below 10.6.
What about older OS X versions? Are pre-10.6 & 10.7 systems that have java installed equally vulnerable to this trojan? I'd like to check my sister's old powerbok g4 that's running OS X 10.5, but this tool says it's specifically for 10.7 only, and I know the java updates that solved this issue were only for 10.6 & 10.7.
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