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Well, I ordered the upgrade version from the Apple online store, received it today, installed it, and tried it out. Everything seems spiffy so far. I haven't gotten a chance to try out the new stuff like the keyframing (yay, finally!) yet. I'm not running on an Intel-CPU Mac, BTW, I'm on a 2x2.0GHZ G5.
I think you're totally misunderstanding thae post from nagromme. He's annoyed with the public opinion and/or press that puts unfair blame on Apple for not living up to "promises" that Apple never made, but are assumed because of rumors and unreasonable analyst expectations. He's not annoyed with Apple in his statement.
I wish we could convince the stupid knee-jerk-reaction stock-buying public that rumors and totally unreasonable analyst expectations are not Apple promises! Every time some nutty expectation is not met that has little to do with anything Apple's overall financial, the stock takes another hit. It's down $20 since December. Apple stock has been good to for me overall, but it seems to be so more emotionally-driven than any other stock I've ever owned, which I don't...
Hey there folks - Does something like this exist? I want a device that has an SD analog cable-TV input (as in coaxial, not RCA composite), a TV tuner inside to tune in channels, and analog composite output for video and audio (the standard 3 RCA output jacks). So, it's basically a TV without a screen. However I'd like to control it from my Mac somehow. I don't want a capture device, as I want analog video output to go elsewhere, not my Mac. Not sure how the...
Oooooooh I'm so glad that I bought a shload of Apple stock back in the early spring, and I'm still holding it all...weeeeeee...
I think the isight's lens and CCD at the end of the lens would fit into the thickness of the new imac pretty easily. I think it's the other circuitry normally behind the CCD in the regular off-the-shelf isight, including the stuff that provides the isight's firewire connectivity, is now either (A) positioned differently, or maybe (B) no longer needed. I don't know if the built in isight uses an internal FW bus to go to the main board, or if it's some other type of...
I have a PowerMac G5, and wouldn't mind having frontrow and one of those remotes via an adapter. I think if we wait a while, Apple might make that happen for us... - JonYo
Most Apple rumor sites and such are pointing to a Powermac and powerbook update within the next few weeks. - JonYo
Consider this: Even if the new video ipods did sync with FW, you'd have to buy the FW-to-dock cable separately for a ripoff price of $19. A Belkin PCI card with 3 external USB 2.0 ports is only $30. I'd just get the card if you have the free PCI slot. - JonYo
I was fine with my regular old 1-button mouse that came with my PM G5 for a long time, but recently I bought the new mighty mouse, and I'm pretty happy with it. I didn't like the feel of the side buttons (the button press you get when you squeeze the thing), so I disabled that. I just use it as a normal 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel, plus using the scroll ball press to activate dashboard. - JonYo
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