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I think the sentiment is that many people believed that it was impossible to find someone as good as Jobs while it was also that it was impossible to find someone worse than Ballmer.
Gene Munster will release a note predicting an Apple Televison in Q2 2015.
Are they going to call their first phone the ObiOne?
This buyback is scheduled to be completed by the end of calendar 2015, not 2014 as you assert.
In my opinion, this will not make any difference in sales unless it extends past December.  Apple is going to sell every phone they can make until then, so having them go to China or not is irrelevant.  I am sure this will all be straightened out long before Chinese New Year.
I doubt it will be long before they put it on sale for $9.99 or 50% off.
I got an E-Mail from Scottrade with all of the details and they also wrote about it in their blog which gets E-Mailed as well.I wouldn't imagine that people would go crazy for too long considering that after a brief moment of panic, they would login to their account and notice that the value was about what they would expect and that they posess a much larger quantity of shares.
Notice that Apple does not call it by the name, they refer to it as a "special one-day shopping event" the same as they do for the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US.
One of the big elements of pricing is supply and demand. The iPad Air "ships within 24 hours" while the 5s still "ships within 2-3 weeks" one big question a company asks is "If I am selling all I can make at a given price, why should I sell for less?"
The Mini with Retina is set to launch "later in November." Target apparently put November 21st on their website, but it is not known how accurate that is.
New Posts  All Forums: