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This seems to be addressed in iOS 6...http://www.apple.com/ios/ios6/#accessibility
The slide depicted from Turner's speech actually just cements my view that Apple's view is the right one.  I personally would rather that my devices have an OS and hardware which are optimized for the functions of that particular device.  My laptop is heavier, but has more horsepower and an OS suited for laptop based tasks.  As does the iPhone and iPad.  Why would I want to run a desktop OS on a mobile device?  Especially when everything in life is about tradeoffs.  By...
I don't believe this, the MBP Retina, as well as the recent refresh of their entire portable line should continue above industry growth in the Mac line.  
I think a lot of people are erroneously comparing this year to last year's decline. Remember that there was a nearly 16 month wait for the 4s and also many people thought the new phone would release in June. This year most people think it will release in September or October with a total wait of 11 to 12 months for the new model. Last year had a lot of people wait until June and then when the phone didn't come out figured "hey I waited this long, might as well wait a...
Beleagured iDevice maker Apple is doomed.
As many shares as you want to make your own dividend. I can never understand all this griping for dividends. The lack of a dividend allows us all to remove money from Apple at the exact rate which is best for our own personal financial situation.
Wait times on all iPhone 4S models sourced from Apple's US online store increase to 3-5 days (the longest since launch) most likely due to insane demand.
First off, Samsung is a South Korean company, and yes they do a lot of manufacturing in China, but I am pretty sure that the Chinese government would not take sides in a S. Korean Vs US fight. Apple has totally dumped contract manufacturers before and did not have any problem making up the difference. The real value is in the software, design, user experience and marketing. Additionally, Apple is Samsung's overall biggest customer. I don't think they would want to lose...
Apple stock at this level of around $155 is such a great buying opportunity, it's incredible. I am pretty sure that we will be over $200 by the end of the year. Over 30% profit growth, incredible new products, new revenue streams, $21 Billion in cash, no debt makes this a company I love owning. The iPhone sales are going to take Wall Street by total surprise. This may well be the last opportunity to get in at this level.
The average CFL bulb has about 4 ml of mercury. The amount of mercury that would be released in the process of burning coal to provide the extra power to use an incandescent is about 12 ml. So even if the bulb is thrown away, that is still 8 ml less mercury being released into the environment. If the CFL is properly recycled, virtually none of the mercury in the bulb will be released.
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