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When reached for comment, Apple SVP of Design Jony Ive said: “When you think about the time you spend with the packaging for the smart cover, the interaction might be 10-20 seconds of your life, so we didn’t just want to make the packaging for the smart cover better, we wanted to make it MUCH BETTER.  This is the BEST packaging for a smart cover that we have ever invented.”
I really like the idea of passbook, I have rewards cards for everywhere, but it is hard to carry them all around, so often they are at home and I need to give them my phone number, etc.  I think it will also greatly increase the number of gift cards that get redeemed as well.  How many times are you at a store you have a gift card for, but the gift card is at home?  
Yet another reason to buy Apple over Samsung. (as if it were an actual choice)
I don't necessarily see a problem with this, like iTunes is available for Windows, why not allow Windows users to talk to all their friends with iOS devices?  The more iMessage is used, the more valuable it becomes as a service.  If they want an even better desktop implementation, they can purchase a Mac.  I don't think it will cost Apple sales, and the incremental service costs are pretty low.
This was introduced in iOS 5 and is available from the App store now.   http://www.apple.com/icloud/features/find-my-friends.html
I would like to see the iMacs retain their optical drives.  Like AjitMD, I think it would be great for watching DVDs.  There is plenty of space in an iMac, and making it a little smaller/lighter is not such a huge consideration as it is in something that you are going to carry around with you.  iMacs get moved once a year perhaps?  Even the non-retina MacBook Pros still have optical drives.  As such I don't think the iMac will lose its optical drive yet.   Also,...
I personally would tend to stay away from AMZN stock.  The closing PE of 300+ makes it priced for absolute perfection while the PE of AAPL is less than 16.  Keynes has said that "The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent" so I wouldn't necessarily bet against them either, but such valuations can often result in rapid and violent drops.
Apple is all about "delighting their customers" so yes, the 3GS will be dropped everywhere.  While I still have a 3GS that I use everyday, I would not like to see someone buy one new and then be displeased overall with their Apple experience in light of what else is on the market today.  That would only dilute Apple's brand value.  The phone has been on the market for 39 months.  Apple would rather have people need to save to buy a premier product than get a 3+ year old...
How much different in design is the 4S from the original iPhone?  They did a great job designing it originally, and are continually making incremental improvements.  The hardware will be beefed up as will the capabilities as they are every year.  I am sure the larger screen and the improved speed as well as LTE will be noticeable to many users, especially those who are upgrading from a 3GS or a 4.
Additionally, on average, recently, about 40% of the cost of a ticket goes to fuel, another charge that the airlines can do very little about.
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