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Apple stock at this level of around $155 is such a great buying opportunity, it's incredible. I am pretty sure that we will be over $200 by the end of the year. Over 30% profit growth, incredible new products, new revenue streams, $21 Billion in cash, no debt makes this a company I love owning. The iPhone sales are going to take Wall Street by total surprise. This may well be the last opportunity to get in at this level.
The average CFL bulb has about 4 ml of mercury. The amount of mercury that would be released in the process of burning coal to provide the extra power to use an incandescent is about 12 ml. So even if the bulb is thrown away, that is still 8 ml less mercury being released into the environment. If the CFL is properly recycled, virtually none of the mercury in the bulb will be released.
I think a big factor especially regarding mobile computers is the power savings which leads to increased battery life.
Not to be rude but: Step 1: Create a playlist in iTunes with your desired songs. Step 2: While stationary in your car or on your bike, press play and adjust the volume. Step 3: Drive or ride and enjoy.
I agree with Mel and would also like to add that the higher prices are also used to control the supply/demand curve at the initial launch. I think this is especially the case with the iPhone launch. Apple has not been able to keep up with demand for many products including iPods in the past. If you can sell all your stock at $600, it would be foolish for any company to price those same units at $400 and not be able to make enough units to fulfill demand. When they...
I agree with you 100%. What I can't figure out is why... Say they got a judgment that 105 million has to be paid back to the shareholders. Apple has to take the money out of cash, or let's go further and say that Steve Jobs has to pay it personally. So their share of 105 million will be what? 1 million maybe? But the negative publicity will cost far more even to their own investment. Not to mention the cost and overhead of locating and sending paltry sums of money...
These people are ridiculous. Look at all these execs making tens of millions running their companies into the ground. CEO after CEO leave companies with stock prices lower than when they signed on and take huge compensation packages. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT STEVE JOBS NEVER EXERCISED HIS OPTIONS. PERIOD. He forfeited them and was given stock instead. Therefore, it doesn't matter what they were dated as they were never used. As a longtime Apple shareholder, if the board...
I predict that their press release will come out when they hit the 1 million mark. I predict that this will happen before this Friday at 6pm.
No way will he put it on sale right at the end of the Keynote because that would be extremely rude to all of the conference attendees who paid to attend the workshops, etc and then would not be able to get in line for the iPhone.I think the launch will be a separate event between Apple and "Cingular is now AT&T" on a different day, but I do think he may announce the date at WWDC.
That reminds me of the story where in the 1970's some of Apple's computers were shipped in a refrigerated truck because they thought the boxes contained 'Apples."
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