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There was never a contest, Jobs wanted TBWA/Chiat/Day, and he got what he wanted as always. There was a quote along the lines of "Steve Jobs believes market research is looking in the mirror and asking himself what he wants." I guarantee you that if there was a "contest" it was only in the minds of AT&T execs, not Jobs. You are talking about a guy who will physically take a contract and throw it in the trash if he doesn't like it. When he wanted to work for Atari, he...
You must be the laziest person that I have ever heard of. How many programs could you possibly have? Maybe 50? Of those, how many do you use on a regular basis. Less than 15 I bet. How many produce sound, probably no more than 10 and I am being generous. Now how long would it take you to adjust the volumes on 10 programs. Probably less than 5 minutes or less time than you spent reading this thread and posting your reply.
This is exactly how the bulk of CEO pay should be structured. A small salary, then generous stock. This would eliminate instances like that of CEO Hank McKinnel of Pfizer who got a pay package of nearly 200 million while the stock declined 40% during his tenure, Carly Fiorina at HP, etc.
Ok, granted these proposals are not totally off the wall, what I take umbrage with is the fact that someone literally could make a proposal for almost anything, no matter how stupid and cost the company more money in distributing the idea than they even own in shares. Also, for instance, posters in another thread were saying things along the lines of "at least Trillium invested in Apple, and want to see the company do better." I hardly see a $20,000 stake as anything...
These shareholder proposals piss me off in the fact that some of the proposers don't even own that much stock. For instance, the company with the environmental proposal Trillium Asset Management Corporation sounds big and impressive right? How many shares do they own? 200 which they purchased for less than $20,000. The amount of AAPL I have is very close to that, but I don't think that I should be able to name myself MacCentric Narcissistic Asset Management...
I think physguy is looking at the data plans for the PCMCIA mobile broadband cards.
I believe that the amount that AT&T "saves" from not subsidizing the phone will go to Apple due to their agreement that Apple gets a percentage of the monthly service. So I wouldn't count on the plan price being lowered.
Yeah, especially regarding Dell, they have enough to worry about in trying to regain the share that HP has been stealing from them.
Especially at launch, there is no reason for anyone to subsidize the iPhone, I believe that demand will outstrip supply even at the unsubsidized price until after Christmas. Remember that three years ago, plenty of people were buying the RAZR at $500. I see the price of the iPhone coming down eventually just like the RAZR did, but certainly not until they can keep up with the significant demand that they will have. I believe that the iPhone will be THE hot Christmas...
I wonder if it also had anything to do with the fact that GMail is STILL in beta. However, the beta version of GMail is light years ahead of the release offerings of Yahoo or MS.
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