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If Melbourne and Brisbane are in the same time zone, why do you need a clock for each?
This is great news. I think it is a really good start considering that the 'true video ipod' nor the 'iTV' has been released and the selection is small. TV Shows have been out for just about a year and look how much they have grown. I think that by Christmas 07' nearly all studios will succomb to iTunes. Hell, their shareholders will make them when they see competing studios easily pulling in all that extra revenue.This just came to mind, I wonder if Apple's new data...
I love how you snuck these things in there, It's hilarious. Oh yeah, Google and Apple were thinking of a name for their collaboration and are going to use "Rebel Alliance".
I actually think the genius part of the iTV is that you don't need a seperate computer, you use your existing mac. Personally, I couldn't see myself buying a $600 Mac Mini to use just for my TV. However, the iTV lets you use your existing computer even if it is in another room as your media hub. That way you have access to all your media on the TV, but you still have a PC to get your work done on. I imagine that using the computer for iTV would slow it down somewhat,...
Everything I've seen so far said that the target price was $299
I don't remember anyone going to jail related to the following two cases. Henry Blodget never went to jail. I think that in these cases the fraud was much worse, especially when you consider the losses in dollar terms and how widespread it was. While my information is pretty much a guess based on precedent, at this time, I believe that it is just as presumptuous for you to say that I am completely wrong. I never said that there wouldn't be hefty fines, but I believe...
I wish that they still did it live, I would even pay $1.99 to see it. Then I could later collect all the Steve Notes and watch them on an ipod.
LOL that reminds me of the ipod flea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvPj22jANDw
That's true, it also means he increases his 'real' hourly pay by not having to commute four hours or more every day, which with Apple's fabled 90 hours a week is probably not possible.
New Posts  All Forums: