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Everything I've seen so far said that the target price was $299
I don't remember anyone going to jail related to the following two cases. Henry Blodget never went to jail. I think that in these cases the fraud was much worse, especially when you consider the losses in dollar terms and how widespread it was. While my information is pretty much a guess based on precedent, at this time, I believe that it is just as presumptuous for you to say that I am completely wrong. I never said that there wouldn't be hefty fines, but I believe...
I wish that they still did it live, I would even pay $1.99 to see it. Then I could later collect all the Steve Notes and watch them on an ipod.
LOL that reminds me of the ipod flea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvPj22jANDw
That's true, it also means he increases his 'real' hourly pay by not having to commute four hours or more every day, which with Apple's fabled 90 hours a week is probably not possible.
First I must add the obligatory DELL IS TEH DOOM3D!!!111!!111 I totally agree with SpamSandwich, the law was unclear and the law changed several times over the time period in question. This makes me feel better about the Apple situation as well because since the problem is so widespread, the punishments which are handed out will be small. If it were only one or two companies, they could afford to make an example, but when it is an entire industry, there is no way that...
Yeah, like the bathroom! It's a great way to increase productivity.
That's exactly what I meant. For instance, if an average American wants to take a trip to say Hawaii, flying is pretty much the only way they can fit the travel into their vacation allotment. While it can be argued that going to Hawaii is unnecessary, it can also be argued that any vacation is unnecessary. However unnesessary, I feel that vacations are part of what makes life worth living.
That is a pretty dumb comment to make. Most people who fly have a good reason for it. Even if it is vacation travel, I don't see how one would consider such great experiences unnecessary.All of these extra security precautions do little to prevent terrorism and just cause aggravation. Every time I am in an airport, they spend most of their time searching 14 year old girls travelling with their families. You can profile without being racially motivated. If there is a...
New Posts  All Forums: