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Holy Rigatoni! While this is a slight problem, it is a much better one to have than Dell where they are sitting on extra capacity they are not utilizing. Selling every computer you make quickly is good for profits. We are going to have another great earnings report come out in October when we find out exactly how many more they sold than were expected. I have a feeling it's a lot! The Apple Store has ship times of 3-5 days on all MacBooks, even the Black MacBook...
It's not a finger, it's Mr. Hanky from South Park.
(first, let me add Wilco's obligatory) Holy Canoli! Hmmm... So it took them a year to try to exactly copy the iPod with video capability right down to the hard drive size and price, and slap together a shitty UI. If you can't buy songs via WiFi, what the hell good will it do except waste battery? MS is DOOMED, they are offering last year's iPod at last year's price while Apple will offer a brand new iPod this year.
I think Apple stops ordering the slower chips, then lets them run out while switching to a faster processor in its products. Dell also operates in very much a just in time basis keeping no more than a week or two's worth of processors on hand.
I was listening to the Apple Conference call the other day when that stupid mosquito came on. At first I thought it was something wrong with the feed until I went through all 25 of my firefox windows to find that mosquito. I reloaded the page and got a different ad, but come on! I would never, ever, ever buy anything from someone with an ad like that. In fact, I don't even know what they were selling, just that it was so damn annoying. Back on topic, I think that...
While I can't understand why Schiller would want to sell, it was planned last year so I don't believe that it reflects the status of the company or will move the stock much. The law suit is filed by lawyers plain and simple and they are the only beneficiaries. Usually they will get some people to sign on as the lead plaintiff and then they can go ahead. All suits like this have the same result, even if they win, investors might get a few cents a share while the lawyers...
Based on nearly 300 Million people, that would bring the stock up to just about an 800 Billion dollar market cap, which would give us about a 1600% return. I'm one of those who bought at $15 and I have kept buying more on dips. I would have bought more this week near 50, but my brokerage account is fully invested at this time. The last time I bought was at $59 right before they released boot camp for a total cost basis of just under $36/share. The thing is that when the...
It is also entirely possible that Apple is not buying any of the current nvidia offerings and is instead using a customized or yet to be released version of one of the chips.
This is the analysts making themselves a nice buying opportunity before Apple blows away estimates next Wednesday. I think this may be the lowest you will ever be able to get Apple stock. This will give those analysts involved good bonuses when the stock reaches 90 after their company picked up large blocks at 53.
Worse comes to worse, they could fix the brightness issue in software. Insert code that whenever brightness is changed, contrast is also changed some unnoticable amount. This should take less than an hour to implement and would provide a fix until the real problem is found and solved.
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