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If only the US Government would take a lesson from Apple.
First off, I don't see how he could cancel the awards and then subsequently cash them in to realize a gain. If they are cancelled, they aren't there to cash in. Second, I think that I and a majority of Apple shareholders think that Steve Jobs is worth way more than all the compensation he was given in all forms including the shares, jet, etc. Apple is a clear case where the management including the CEO has added tremendous value to the company. In fact, if Steve didn't...
At least they gave users this opportunity to get Shake for a much lower price. Another company would have continued to charge the $3000 price until they released their new product. It also will reflect the development costs of the new version where Shake by and large is already paid for and will cost Apple very little to maintain as there will probably be only a few small bug fixes going forward. Who knows, maybe the elasticity of demand is such that this price drop...
I think he meant offering Win XP on a Mac as a build to order option in addition to MacOS X for those users who would prefer to have windows preinstalled in a dual-boot configuration. I doubt that Mac users would get angry about that option as I believe that Apple has offered windows preinstalled about 10 years ago on their models which had the hardware pc card installed (I believe it was a pentium 1 with it's own ram, etc).
Even if they were to release a firmware upgrade for current users, the current RAZR V3c model has something like 8MB of user accessible memory and no card slot. So even if you could run iTunes, you could hold maybe 5 songs.
Dell's market cap is once again below Apple's. Michael Dell, Founder of the beleagured computer manufacturer said "Who knew that innovation and actually advancing technology would win out over simply assembling parts."
I hope that the MacBook is coming real soon to benefit from all these advertising dollars being spent, otherwise they risk having the public retain the misconception that Apple does not have an offering in the low cost space even after it is released.
Good article about Bronfman here...http://www.techdirt.com/articles/200...229220_F.shtml
I think it can hardly be considered negotiations; Steve told them the way it was going to be and they finally acquiesced. I don't imagine that there was much give and take. Record companies: "We want variable pricing" Jobs: "No"
How pretentious do you have to be to say "140 basis points" instead of 1.4%?
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