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It is also entirely possible that Apple is not buying any of the current nvidia offerings and is instead using a customized or yet to be released version of one of the chips.
This is the analysts making themselves a nice buying opportunity before Apple blows away estimates next Wednesday. I think this may be the lowest you will ever be able to get Apple stock. This will give those analysts involved good bonuses when the stock reaches 90 after their company picked up large blocks at 53.
Worse comes to worse, they could fix the brightness issue in software. Insert code that whenever brightness is changed, contrast is also changed some unnoticable amount. This should take less than an hour to implement and would provide a fix until the real problem is found and solved.
It does, I remember Steve Jobs saying at a keynote awhile ago (within the last year) that the average iTunes Music store account has purchased 60 songs on average. That includes the people who go on just to try it out or set up an account to get a free pepsi song.
Further proof that the probe into the Apple options will show no wrongdoing on Jobs part. He is simply not as motivated by money as many are. He would much rather change the world. People who would do shady things for financial gain would not give up compensation which is legimately owed to them.
Sorry, I have seen way too many "Teh Apple is teh DOOMED" posts over the past 12 or so years that I have been following Apple. I am usually pretty good on picking up on sarcasm. Again, I apologize
Part of that was sarcastic to illustrate what I feel is sloppiness in the original article. I believe you are also mischaracterizing the situation. The options are not even alleged as being improperly gained, plus there are also other options included in that total which are not disputed. Everyone knew he was getting them including the board and the shareholders. Proposals made at shareholder meetings to reign in Apple's option granting were voted down by wide margins....
You apparently have no understanding of what is going on.
If only the US Government would take a lesson from Apple.
First off, I don't see how he could cancel the awards and then subsequently cash them in to realize a gain. If they are cancelled, they aren't there to cash in. Second, I think that I and a majority of Apple shareholders think that Steve Jobs is worth way more than all the compensation he was given in all forms including the shares, jet, etc. Apple is a clear case where the management including the CEO has added tremendous value to the company. In fact, if Steve didn't...
New Posts  All Forums: