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Based on the information here :http://www.thinksecret.com/news/0603movies.htmlIt seems that the survey was commissioned by Vongo. This explains the weighted wording used. I currently subscribe to Netflix. I like it but the biggest advantage is having to wait 2 days to get the movie you want. Often there is a movie that you want to watch *now* and waiting for 2 days can be annoying. Personally, I would rather subscribe for $10 a month than pay $4.99 to download to own a...
This is totally not an Apple Survey. Apple does things in secret. They wouldn't risk putting a survey out on the public internet where any joe taking the survey can take a screen shot. I think this is being done by Vongo or another one of Apple's competitors. I have never heard of an Apple survey being leaked in this fashion before, therefore I do not think it is an Apple survey at all.
I agree and I love the comment about placing a huge order with the Apple store.
It's too bad we can't read what it says on the blue sign in the last picture. Other than that, at present time, the facility does not look that secure. I mean, it would be pretty easy to hop over that gate. I'm sure that will change once its new tenants move in. I think this will be a big distribution center for iTunes Video.
Don't forget that by "goose"ing the mac again to the $800 model, you also pretty much double the speed.
I like this, this is tempering expectations for future Apple events, that way, when the big things hit, it will hit harder because less people will be expecting it.
Just an idea... With a market cap for TIVO of less than 500 million versus Apple's market cap of nearly 60 billion and nearly 9 billion cash... Think about how easy it would be for Apple to BUY TIVO outright. Or they could compete against them and perhaps charge a monthly fee of $5 if they come out with a DVR Mini.
You can look at the EULA on Apple's web site here without making any purchase:http://images.apple.com/legal/sla/macosx1044.pdf of note is the following, if you disagree, you can return the software for a refund. I know most people in stores will give you a hard time, but if you contacted Apple directly, they would have to honor your right to decline the EULA and would refund your money: PLEASE READ THIS SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT ("LICENSE") CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE...
These shortages are temporary and in my opinion will be ironed out soon so that more models can be released on April 1st. Besides, I think it is better to have shortages than to be sitting on excess inventory that can't sell.
I'm waiting for April Fool's Day, I'm sure there will be a big announcement then. Steve said "I don't know what we are gonna do then, but I thought I'd mention it because I may not see many of you before then." I think he is holding everything back for a MAJOR event. Less than 2 months to go... I have a feeling that this is going to be "1984"esque.
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