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Every model of gold in the US is up to 7-10 days*.   (*Except 64 Gb Sprint)
 I am looking at the box for the iPhone 4S that was bought at launch, and it clearly says iPhone 4S, White, 16GB.
  Exactly, why the hell would you want to change the culture of the best retail chain in the world by many metrics?!  They need someone who will embrace and foster the existing culture while providing good leadership.
  It is quite hard to take seriously the writings of people who use childish expressions such as "Timid Cook."   I am sure Tim Cook, having more information about the internal state of Apple is better poised to make a decision regarding his compensation than you are, especially since I believe he has the time horizon to outlast the irrationality of Wall Street.  Look at companies such as Amazon and Netflix, totally overvalued, compare them to Apple which is in my opinion...
I hope to buy my next car with iOS in it in a few years. My car is a 2009, but similar to what Tim Cook said about TV, using the electronic controls and GPS is like going back 10 years. They want $99 for a maps update. It would be so much better to have Apple Maps integrated. I would love for my car to have most of the features of IOS completely integrated. This is especially attractive when you consider that most automotive "technology" packages are $1,500-$2,000. ...
GOOD is also very popular on iOS, and they constantly announce that their overwhelming majority of device activations occur on iOS. GOOD offers very good security in that all business data is stored in a separate encrypted "container" that cannot be accessed by other parts of the OS, but is one of the more pricey MDM solutions.
It has always been said that the dividend is to prevent dilution just as you state. Shareholders are receiving a benefit by retaining excellent talent without diluting their shares.Maybe Apple is doing exactly as you wish. Maybe they are being more careful and leaving products in secret testing for longer to make sure they are as close to perfect as possible.
I think you hit the nail on the head with this and it is exactly what came to mind when reading the article. There is prescedent for Apple licensing and including other vendor's technology on their own chip. They licensed and included an Audience controller on the A5. Tim Cook and Steve Jobs have said repeatedly that they want to own and control as much of the strategic underlying tech as possible, so I don't see them going away from designing their own SOC for any iOS...
  Calendar     Apple Fiscal                                          Months Q1                 Q2                                             Jan Feb March Q2                 Q3                                             Apr May June Q3                 Q4                                             July Aug Sept Q4                 Q1 (of following year)                   Oct Nov Dec   The Qs refer to quarters, divide the year by 4 and you have 4 separate quarters.   Most...
I am wondering if this is the China Mobile version of the iPhone 5 (a la the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4) rather than a true iPhone 5s in production.
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