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The real Ugh! is the market reaction to the parade of great news about this company. Best quarter ever and they fall off a cliff. At least those of us in for the long term can load up on stock at low prices for the next leg up.
Sadly, I expect Apple stock to drop another $10 tomorrow due to this news. /s
Warren Buffet is consistently a voice of logic and reason.  From investing in general, to taxes, to Apple, he is right on about what needs to be done.   As Buffet said, Apple stock is a great value and buying their stock is a great opportunity for any person or entity that has a surplus of cash with a long investment time horizon including the company itself.   The market can stay irrational for long periods of time, but those who stand firm through them often...
Sure, it's the phone that's doing the emasculating, and not Sergey himself. http://www-db.stanford.edu/~sergey/photos/drag96.jpg
That was easy
I can think of three ways to run Windows on this Mac off the top of my head.1. Bootcamp (included, just use a valid Windows license)2. VMware Fusion3. ParallelsBootcamp is the fastest but requires you to reboot to change OS. We use VMware fusion, as well and it provides good performance for productivity apps (it launches a virtual machine like an app)
One of the interesting things is that around this price point, one could buy a cheap Windows laptop AND an iPad.
Buy something when you need it. Apple supports their devices better than any other company in the space. It has always been the case with technology that within a few months, something better will be out, but that does not take away from your device performing the tasks which you bought it for. If Apple didn't update the iPad with the A6X in Oct and waited until March, then all the holiday season buyers would have a lesser processor. I think it was a great and valuable...
"Page expressed concern regarding company leadership, saying there too much attention is being paid to competition. When asked about a specific case involving the late Steve Jobs' comment of "going thermonuclear war" on Google's Android mobile operating system, Page quipped, "How well is that working?"" Pretty damn well... Anyway, why doesn't he run his company the way he wants and stop telling everyone else how to run their...
Personally, and even though more of my net worth is in Apple than any other asset, I am glad that Apple does NOT pander to Wall Street.  All of these "financial engineering" efforts temporarily inflate the stock, push it up to overvalued levels, and do nothing for long term shareowners.  Witness the bubbles of MSFT, CSCO, etc.  Apple had an amazing run up, but I do not believe it is in a bubble.   Build great products, and Wall Street will eventually adjust.     Check out...
New Posts  All Forums: