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"Page expressed concern regarding company leadership, saying there too much attention is being paid to competition. When asked about a specific case involving the late Steve Jobs' comment of "going thermonuclear war" on Google's Android mobile operating system, Page quipped, "How well is that working?"" Pretty damn well... Anyway, why doesn't he run his company the way he wants and stop telling everyone else how to run their...
Personally, and even though more of my net worth is in Apple than any other asset, I am glad that Apple does NOT pander to Wall Street.  All of these "financial engineering" efforts temporarily inflate the stock, push it up to overvalued levels, and do nothing for long term shareowners.  Witness the bubbles of MSFT, CSCO, etc.  Apple had an amazing run up, but I do not believe it is in a bubble.   Build great products, and Wall Street will eventually adjust.     Check out...
My take is that it is marginally useful for the users.   However, this will be incredibly useful for advertisers, and probably good for Facebook profits.  Remember, with Facebook, you are the product being sold.   E.g. A Japanese restaurant can search for people in downtown Manhattan who like Sushi.  Boom, send them coupons.  I know this feature is not currently available, but it will be in short order.
    I was talking about them writing the calls, not owning them.    
Not only that, but the iPhone 4S did not release at all in greater China until 2012. This year's release of the iPhone 5 started a month earlier, and went into more countries quicker.
I think this is exactly what this is. Mega hedge funds, banks and others have a lot of exposure to these calls and they want to limit what they have to pay out. I think this year's chart for the first few months will look very similar to this period of time last year.
Larry Ellison should buy HPQ and put Hurd back in charge of it.  
I was buying an iPhone 5 for my sister's Christmas present this year, and although I do not like to shop WalMart, was intrigued by the deal they purported to offer.  I wanted a 64 GB ATT Black model, and called several stores in my area (Central NJ).  All of them reported having "no iPhone 5" stock at all.  It was telling that the deal was only for in store purchases and not available from their website either.  I can only imagine the amount of people they suckered into...
This could be a new business line for RIM.  They can sell cases to make iPhones look like BlackBerrys so they don't get stolen.  
Looks like Apple, the beleaguered device maker isn't cutting orders back enough to match the lack of demand they are experiencing across all markets. /s
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