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Apple is doomed as the beleaguered device manufacturer continues to struggle all over the world* *to meet insane demand
The iPhone 5 has only been available since the end of September, so an unlocked version is at max two months late. As for the iPhone in general, launched in 2007, but I know for a fact that at the very least the iPhone 4 and 4S have been available unlocked from Apple.
That is fair.  But Office does not necessarily need to be tied to Windows RT, my prediction is that after the Surface crashes and burns in the marketplace, MS will release Office for the iPad, and probably sell 20 million copies, and actually make a good profit at it.  They should have just done this in the first place.
  Windows RT doesn't fit into the enterprise any better.  In fact, it will be worse since there are already systems in place at most corporations to handle iPads.  Many companies have already developed their own custom apps for iPads.  In this case, the hurdle will be to support the Surface.
  The real question is who would want to?  Every printer I use has wireless capability.  Even people in our office with desktop computers don't even want wired keyboards or mice.  All these ports are just a waste of space and expense, and added weight for a device that is supposedly ultra-portable.
  I tried to find redeeming qualities of the Surface, I really did, however, they overlooked things which I would have expected MS to provide in order to make their product fit in better in Microsoft centered enterprises.  If they even tried, they failed miserably.  NO Outlook, NO AD, NO Remote Desktop.  Also, MS tends to abandon their products, so I have no confidence that they have the fortitude to stick with this if sales are disappointing.  Remember Kin, Windows Phone...
Meanwhile Surface estimated ship times range from 1-3 weeks.  Which is pretty much the same as the practical amount of time you will wait if you put in an order for an iPhone now.
  Basically, when connecting to an access point that supports it, it can use both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless channels at the same time to transfer data twice as fast.      
Sandpaper is only necessary for use with 7" tablets, 8" tablets (like the iPad mini) do not have this requirement.
For everyone complaining about the pricing of $329.  I am willing to bet this...  Apple will sell exactly every single iPad mini that they can manage to make until the end of the year.  Once supply exceeds demand, they can lower the price to $299 if necessary.  $30 is not such a big deal that people will go crazy (like when the original iPhone dropped from $599 to $399), plus people have an expectation in general that prices will drop after the holidays.  This way Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: