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I think you are right, logically, it would make more sense for them to have them separated by a month or so just to deal with supply chain issues as well as things like shipping, Apple store lines, etc.
"That said, we believe that supply constraints will initially hold back the full sales potential during the first month or so of the launch." This is true of pretty much every new iOS product that Apple has launched recently. EBay profiteers should be kept in check as people will most likely upgrade to the "new iPad" if they can't get the smaller model.
I like how in the video, from what I saw, the patrons taking video of his performance were using iPhones.   This whole strategy of having musical acts at store openings is a little misplaced.  At Apple stores, the lines are for the products.  How many people in line for the Microsoft stores are there for the products vs. to see Lenny Kravitz or Flo Rida?  
The iPhone is available in 2 colors. The Lumia 920 is available in 0 colors. We don't know when the 920 will be released nor do we know how much it will cost. If necessary/profitable, Apple could easily roll out iPhones in different colors a la the new iPod touches.
Apple has always been the first to get rid of outdated technology.  5.25" floppies, 3.5" floppies, PS/2 Ports, Parallel ports, VGA, Optical drives, and there are many I have missed.  The dock connector is too big, not fast enough and has way too many extra pins that are not necessary, and waste space inside the device that can be used for components which add value.  The connector can achieve USB 3 speeds which the old one could not, and is probably the connector for the...
Agreed, and they are at the point where they are literally producing millions in order to have on hand for a launch later this month.  The secrecy thus far has been pretty good, considering that just a week or so ago, people have remarked that the smaller iPad may not even exist due to a lack of leaked parts.  Also, there have been no leaked working units of either this iPad or the iPhone 5 to my knowledge, which cannot be said about previous versions of the iPhone.
  Steve would always speak from the perspective of the way things are at a given period of time, and what was ready for release.  If he couldn't build a product that was great at that given time, he wouldn't release it.  When the time came that he could make a great product, he would.  Two years ago, the 7" tablets that were on the market weren't much good just like before the iPad, the tablets on the market weren't good.  Times and capabilities change.   Some things...
  Why should they come out with a new compact car?  I already have a mid-size sedan.
Cue a million jokes about Samsung's stepped up "innovate, don't litigate" campaign of innovating by copying Apple. All kidding aside, how the hell does Google and Samsung (Samsung presented evidence in court that was supposed to be months old, but a calendar depicted in the screenshot was of the prior day's date) manage to be this sloppy this consistently? Steve Jobs would aptly refer to them as "Bozos"
Classy. But oh so sad for Google as most iOS users will still be gone forever. I am happy with Apple's maps, and even happier that they will get better over time.
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