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  Steve would always speak from the perspective of the way things are at a given period of time, and what was ready for release.  If he couldn't build a product that was great at that given time, he wouldn't release it.  When the time came that he could make a great product, he would.  Two years ago, the 7" tablets that were on the market weren't much good just like before the iPad, the tablets on the market weren't good.  Times and capabilities change.   Some things...
  Why should they come out with a new compact car?  I already have a mid-size sedan.
Cue a million jokes about Samsung's stepped up "innovate, don't litigate" campaign of innovating by copying Apple. All kidding aside, how the hell does Google and Samsung (Samsung presented evidence in court that was supposed to be months old, but a calendar depicted in the screenshot was of the prior day's date) manage to be this sloppy this consistently? Steve Jobs would aptly refer to them as "Bozos"
Classy. But oh so sad for Google as most iOS users will still be gone forever. I am happy with Apple's maps, and even happier that they will get better over time.
    "Boom." - Steve Jobs   http://www.padgadget.com/2012/06/23/google-cuts-mapping-api-prices-after-being-dropped-by-apple-and-other-developers/   http://googlegeodevelopers.blogspot.com/2012/06/lower-pricing-and-simplified-limits.html
Please don't speak for all iPhone users.  Personally, I didn't realize that street view was an option on iOS until I read stories about the Google maps app being removed from iOS.  Using the Google maps app on an iPhone 4S with Verizon was an exercise in frustration as the maps loaded extremely slowly.  Apple's maps app is much faster on the same hardware in the same locations.
  Good assessment, I just looked up my house... Image date: August 2007.
You can also bring your sugary beverages in to have them inspected to ensure they will be in compliance with the mayor's wishes.
IMO, every change they make to the forums makes AI worse.  I used to be able to read the forums very well on my iPhone without scrolling horizontally (or putting up with an incredibly small font to see the name of the poster and the content).  Now the new front page introduces extra clicks as from an article I have to "Jump to comments" then click "View All".   The other thing that is annoying is that some articles are published before they are finished.  Sometimes the...
No one will ever be able to take a device seriously with a name like iPad!
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