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Please don't speak for all iPhone users.  Personally, I didn't realize that street view was an option on iOS until I read stories about the Google maps app being removed from iOS.  Using the Google maps app on an iPhone 4S with Verizon was an exercise in frustration as the maps loaded extremely slowly.  Apple's maps app is much faster on the same hardware in the same locations.
  Good assessment, I just looked up my house... Image date: August 2007.
You can also bring your sugary beverages in to have them inspected to ensure they will be in compliance with the mayor's wishes.
IMO, every change they make to the forums makes AI worse.  I used to be able to read the forums very well on my iPhone without scrolling horizontally (or putting up with an incredibly small font to see the name of the poster and the content).  Now the new front page introduces extra clicks as from an article I have to "Jump to comments" then click "View All".   The other thing that is annoying is that some articles are published before they are finished.  Sometimes the...
No one will ever be able to take a device seriously with a name like iPad!
No problem using the Maps App in NJ and NYC.  My biggest complaint (even on a Verizon 4S) with Google's maps was that they were painfully slow.  iOS 6 maps scroll much smoother and the 'gray boxes' fill in around 5 times faster than iOS 5 maps.  I am looking forward to them getting even better, and with 15% adoption rate of iOS 6 already, I think that will happen rapidly.   I also don't get people complaining about "long download times" for the iOS 6 update or other...
While the beleaguered Apple cannot even get devices into the hands of customers, Samsung has store shelves and warehouses full of dozens of different models and customers never need to wait on line. /s
When reached for comment, Apple SVP of Design Jony Ive said: “When you think about the time you spend with the packaging for the smart cover, the interaction might be 10-20 seconds of your life, so we didn’t just want to make the packaging for the smart cover better, we wanted to make it MUCH BETTER.  This is the BEST packaging for a smart cover that we have ever invented.”
I really like the idea of passbook, I have rewards cards for everywhere, but it is hard to carry them all around, so often they are at home and I need to give them my phone number, etc.  I think it will also greatly increase the number of gift cards that get redeemed as well.  How many times are you at a store you have a gift card for, but the gift card is at home?  
Yet another reason to buy Apple over Samsung. (as if it were an actual choice)
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