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Maybe the UFO building makes it easier - as soon as Johnny perfects the anti-gravity engine to lift the whole thing up and relocate it.  
What? the article said that Android phone vendors maintained dominance - not Apple.  Apple's share of 42.6% at higher margins would seem to be a more dominant position - rivaled only by an amalgamation of products from numerous vendors which all happen to share some amount of codebase with each other.  Which - similar to the Mac vs PC numbers for years - is a snapshot of what is being sold - not a measure of what is being used. How many of those new Android phones were to...
 Be careful that you don't over exaggerate. 
 Smaller and fewer components typically run cooler - even if the delivered capability is greater. Without fans I would have to think the engineers determined that passive airflow would be sufficient to keep it within normal operating parameters. For this generation of chips etc this is likely limiting the clock speed. In other words - if they did include active cooling then they could likely run it at 10% or 20% etc faster and still remain within environmental parameters....
More like - Apple has more money than me and they did something I don't like - time to sue. 
I'm kinda disappointed that the first comment wasn't simply...     DOOOOOOMED!
I wasn't meaning to suggest that the income was coming directly from money paid by the registered users. Could certainly be anything from advertisers to other selling of your data or linking to other products or services from which they receive some sort of payment. 
With 80 million registered users they only need to get each user to spend $6 on average to more than make back the $475 million invested.  Most of these stories I read don't make much sense to me because I have no idea where they make their money.  On the other hand - even if you only made $0.01 per day per user times 80 million users over the course of a year that is nearly $300 million/year.  
I still have an original iPad and it still works great and does what it needs to do - which is largely Netflix for the grandchild - occasional web browsing when the wife can't find her netbook - and I will grab it once in awhile if it happens to be the nearest iOS device - of which there are currently 12 in my house (if you could the two original iPhones which are not currently used by anyone) and only 5 people - and yes that is almost 2 devices per person - one iPhone...
The purpose of the illustrations is to demonstrate the functional purpose or the even the logical arrangement of the items covered by the patent - not to reveal the industrial design or aesthetics of a finished product. If the drawings and diagrams in the patents were overly specific as to the look and feel then it might be easier for someone else to copy the functional aspects and argue that their look and feel was far enough removed from the patent as to not constitute...
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