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Prior art?
"At a minimum, the video strongly suggests that Apple's products are innovative and patentable," Samsung's attorneys complained.   Isn't that kinda the core of the case - Apple claims that their products are innovative and patentable and Samsung says nuh uh.   Still I would think that the items used in an instructional video should not have been in any way related to any of the product involved in the law suit. For example, when I brother took a course to become a...
Is it just me or does that overhead photo look like some sort of cyclotron? kinda like this
I missed this when it happenedmight be the funniest thing in the whole escapade.
 I prefer Parallels - seems to work a bit better especially for graphics - although I am using the latest version of Parallels compared to version 4 on my work machine - not sure if I want to pay for the upgrade myself or try to convince the company to cover it. For work I have a couple apps that are windows only so have to use it - for home I do a lot more in the VM so the extra power helps, even though it is marginal. 
 I do run Parallels on my home system and Fusion on my work machine - and the dev work that I do has to work on both Mac and Windows. Some operations that I script take far longer to execute on the Mac side than Windows - had never looked to see how many cores were being pushed. Overall, aside from the lack of Active X on the Mac, and the differences in the way fonts and text boxes render - the current versions are more similar than any previous versions. Better...
Maybe now the dev team can get some work done on Office for Mac OS X - I do a lot of work in Excel with lots of custom macros and often multiple docs open and it often gets quite slow and even crashes - and has many little quirks beside the differences in the way pages are rendered between the platforms.
The smart money would have been to let him go then a couple years later sue Apple in east Texas over some obscure patent that the guy worked on while at BB that smells kinda similar to something that Apple announced after they hired the guy despite clear evidence that work on that Apple announcement preceded this guy and is not related to his job. 
Gosh price fixing is so terrible - its a good thing the government does get involved in setting minimum prices for alcohol. What's that, they do? or well at least they leave tobacco alone. What, not that either? Well at least the government doesn't try to tell us what we should pay for healthcare. What, they are messing with that as well?    Maybe the real problem here is not that someone decided what they should be allowed to charge for their own product but that the...
 Is that an iOS device? 
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