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And we are one small step closer to http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0364343/
Apple is DOOOOOOMED. Oh,wait, this is GOOD news for Apple, right? or has someone accused Apple of doing the same thing but haven't been caught yet? I thought the whole benchmark comparison thing was a casualty of the MHz wars - but I guess not.
Well that can't be right - on the Verizon commericals and on their website http://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/consumer/4g-lte.html they show AT&T looking like they barely have any coverage anywhere in the country.    One claims they are fastest - the other claims they are the largest - and the consumer is left trying to make a decision based more likely on the  apparent price and the advice of someone with an agenda or other bias.    Would be nice to see a large...
Didn't the feds have a surplus not that long ago? or was that just a make believe surplus within a budget year that ignores the mountain of debt accumulated in prior years that will take 28,000 years to pay off? Or maybe the actual surplus back in eighteen hundred whatever where the feds paid money back to all land owners (or something along those lines) instead of making strategic investments etc and now the country is in debt so deep that not even James Cameron could...
Finally - something that Sammy can definitively show they did NOT copy from Apple.
 MIght have to remove my tin foil hat for a moment, but yeah, I can see how that works, good ole reverse psychology - and even if they don't issue a single one - MS can still claim that they remain the Corporate Standard for Delta and no we cannot disclose the number in use without violating the privacy terms of our agreement. 
How many copies of the paper manual did they have on board?    40 pound manual vs about 1.5 pounds per tablet times (depending on the size of the plane and number of crew) 3 = 7.5 pounds for company issue devices - plus another 7.5 pounds if each bring their own = 15 pounds or 25 pounds saved. While I am sure that adds up if you KNOW that you will be carrying 25 pounds less on EVERY flight EVERY time - but it seems to me that even considering only a single example of a...
 I am sorry Apple you lose your accusation of patent violation because Apple did it before you. So if you do something before you do it then everyone else can copy it and their defense for ripping you off is to claim that you didn't tell us we couldn't until after we already did.  That clears it up. 
Well at least the law is clear in this case it's not as if someone could file a patent for some vague idea without any details on just how it would be implemented either in silicon, or in code, or in an actual user interface and then sit back for years and wait until someone independently comes up with an actual implementation of an idea that sort of resembles the patent and then sue the maker of an actual thing which is kinda like the general idea you patented, that would...
Now they need to start an education campaign so the thieves will now to stop being criminals.
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