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Maybe the data set is different - but how can we have reports from Verizon along the lines of HALF of all activations are iPhones - and yet only 13% share? Seems as if either there is data missing - or perhaps the 50% was just cherry picking from one seller for some limited block of time and region (a single quarter in the US only) and perhaps even includes second hand devices. Which is another point that has always bothered me with any statistic related to market share...
  Going to take more than 20 years for sure. Regardless of what is technologically possible and how much improvement will be made each year - the simple fact is that if there are about 300,000,000 cars on the road in the US - and about 15,000,000 sold each year 300/15 = 20 years. or even if you use 2007 data which is more like 250,000,000 cars on the road and more generous 17,000,000 or even 20,000,000 cars sold each year (still talking just US here) - that means it would...
I've got a 4S and three 4's ready for upgrade - like the 5 but holding of to see what gets announced in the next month or so.
  I think his name is Bob. 
  All the easier to trademark you with my dear.     I have used a stop motion app that allows use of one iOS device to control the shutter on another and even shows what is on the screen of the other.    I might like something like this for remotely operating a camera at a gun range for example - would save lots of time and be way safer than multiple trips downrange. Might even pick up a non-fully functional iPod or iPhone to use as the downrange device - just in case of...
  Not completely familiar with how Sprint works from a billing perspective. and I did not word that well - I didn't mean to imply that they would charge you for using WiFi - but that WiFi was a separate consideration from Cellular charges. 
There very well could be something like AT&T did where you lose the old terms and conditions when you upgrade to a certain device.    My first impression as I read the story was that it really says - "Oh god, please don't leave in droves"    and just what does "While on the Sprint Network" mean? that there will be outrageous roaming charges when you are not connected to a Sprint cell tower (or using WiFi)?    The prices in that chart don't look to me like...
Or sell it to a buddy or family member - even for less than $200 - of gift it to someone.    I might be tempted if it were for the original iPad - but then my grand daughter has so much fun with it and at this point I am not overly concerned if she breaks it. Of course, I just replaced the digitizer on my niece's iPad 2 for $30 so if it does get broken I can likely fix it at a fraction of the cost to replace. 
  Okay - so if the Judge tells you that he or she has already decided that you are guilty before the trial has even begun that means you should just fold and not exercise your rights to plead your case?    Sounds a lot like Guido telling you that it would be in your best interest to pay your protection money so that nothing "bad" were to happen to you or your business. 
  That was not comparing features or capabilities so much as the user experience. 
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