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What we need is a certain percentage of people using this http://www.yellowjacketcase.com with remote activation of the taser. that'll slow em down.
 And they still wouldn't be as good.   How many folks get good resale value for old Android phones?  Personally I have either gifted or sold my old iPhones and my original iPhone is still being used - so I don't see where the initial purchase price is a huge deal. When I upgraded to a 4S and gave my wife my old 4 (32GB) I sold her 4 (16GB) for something like $200 - can you even give away a two or three year old Android phone? 
Oh no - Apple is not innovation - they just copied features that everyone else has had for years.   I won't buy an iPhone because the screen isn't as big as the S4 and the battery is not removable and, and, and...   Seriously though does it strike anyone else as odd that all the whiners are claiming that Apple is not being innovative because someone else had a feature that sounds the same on paper while complaining that Apple did NOT copy their favorite feature from...
Hmm - wonder if that's enough horsepower to run Flash :-)
  I routinely boot virtual machines from external hard drive - never had any issue - if the Mac OS can se the volume then I can put a virtual disk there. I haven't tried over a network but I have 1Gbps switch so might work.    I have used external USB, Firewire, and Thunderbolt drives to hold my VMs. 
I pass my devices down in the family - have several folks with original iPhone (not being used as a phone currently) - a couple 3G - several 4 and my 4S - all waiting for potential upgrade to hand-me down. original iPhone might end as a dedicated in car iPod.
I am going to laugh so hard when the 5C is more expensive than the 5S rather than less as so many seem to be predicting. 
Of course not, they will be proclaiming that Apple has once again fallen short of EVERYONE's expectations and disappointed Apple fans and left room for the competitors to catch up.And then everyone else will rush to market with what they think Apple should have included only to fall short of the level of user experience that we expect from Apple devices. and next year when Apple does implement those missing features they will be done right and will be touted as the way...
If he was such as good friend of Mr Jobs - wouldn't it be a better testament to that friendship to say something along the lines of he has high hopes for the company that he friend left behind well before anyone could have predicted and maybe even that he would want to maintain a good working relationship with Apple to provide software that will continue to make Apple products compelling and the company successful so that Steve's legacy could live on.
Oh noes - Apple is DOOOMEDTM
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