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 That is in addition to the 5c and 5s and MacBook Pro I bought late last year - the point is that any data collected on how many devices people already have or how many have recently been sold does not necessarily predict how many will be purchased in the future. Any trends that can be observed are based on what has happened and or speculation about what might happen and while the past is fixed the future is not. 
I have at least three upgrades and or new additions in the immediate future in my family. Two iPhone 4 upgrades - likely one to 5s and one to 5c with a possible net new iPad mini in the mix.
  That was my point - "the power" that you refer to is only as effective as the weakest link in the group of human beings who are entrusted with that responsibility. The fact that it is designated a secret has no power in and of itself but rather only has power provided that any and all individuals who have or are given access agree that the secret should be maintained. So it is in the best interest of the organization to do everything they can to ensure that the people...
 I seriously doubt that anyone outside of the organization to which the document was intentional provided cares whether or not it is stamped "Top Secret" or not. In fact, such a designation is much like any law prohibiting a given action or behavior - it does not change the actions of the person who does not want to violate it and only provides for punitive measures for those who do. The secret is only maintained so long as all those who receive the information agree to...
"Forced" - so the Apple Store employee held a gun to their head? What can the store do if you say no? or make one up? If unwanted marketing materials were hazardous I'd have been dead several times over long ago. And how is your zip code any more personally identifying that whatever info is encoded on your credit card - and your email address if you use that for a copy of your receipt?
Not quite sure why but that picture makes me think of the pre cogs from Minority Report. Me: Show me google search results for restaurants near me: Cortana: Here are your Bing! search results for restaurants near Redmond, WA Me: Uh, no, I asked for GOOGLE results for restaurants near ME. Cortana: Here are Bing! search results for restaurants in MAINE. ME: Uh, no, GOOGLE search for restaurants near where I am now. Cortana: There are no restaurants near Wil.i.am at this...
My late 2011 15" MBP just got a new motherboard under AppleCare for this problem. Got it back and put my 8GB DIMMs back in and it was crashing with no video anomaly - downloaded Remember and Memtest and determined one of the memory cards was bad - that is getting replaced under warranty. Wish there was an easy/cheap replacement for the Radeon X1600 GPU problem on my old MBP - system still works with the GPU kext files removed but then cannot run any graphics intensive...
Of the three that are in my family (none being used as phones any longer) all three still work - although one could use a new battery and one had some anomalies with the LCD when it was purchased used. I wonder how many 7 year old phones from other companies are still being used in any capacity.
 Or perhaps even just by osmosis - far easier to stand back and let your products be brought into a company because people there WANT your devices, which has effectively zero cast - that to spend massive amounts of money trying to force, uh I mean market, your way in. 
 Canada? Sounds more like something developed at the NSA headquarters 
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