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Must be a hoax - an analyst that says Apple knows what they are doing - must be the clearest evidence yet that Apple is DOOOOOOMED!
 My wife and possibly my mom will - they each currently have iPhone 4 - and barely use it to its full potential - so getting a 5c for $50 and passing the 4 down to my nieces is a win for everyone.  For me I replace my 4S with a 5S and my dad would likely benefit from the faster camera on the 5S to replace his 4 - then his 4 and my 4S can also be passed down the line. So instead of $1200or so for all four of us to get iPhone 5S - it would be more like two 5C units at $100...
 Pie in the sky projections can include things like alerting the user to issues such as blood pressure or blood sugar levels which can lead to immediate intervention on a small scale and avoid a later much more expensive invasive hospitalization. Or could work like the oil life indicator in your car as a gauge to schedule trips to the doctor at intervals that are relative to your level of health.  On the flip side - anything that saves time in getting accurate info...
 You can already buy a prodcut such as this: http://www.ohmibod.com/wired-vibrators/ohmibod.php
Don't forget that the board of directors represents a potential pool of future CEOs so any decision they make regarding the current CEO's compensation could have a direct effect on their personal financial future. 
I have had an entirely clear case for an older iPod - providing some protection from external damage while not obstructing the design in any way. Not sure that I have seen many similar examples lately - and keep in mind that for most case makers I would think their goal is to make the device look entirely different and or promote themselves. Where many online reports take the view of does this enhance or detract from the stock look and feel of the device, I suspect that...
 Yes - I was thinking along the same lines - with so many issues that get media attention - that attention is focused in the wrong place - if you don't agree with the the law don't blame those who abide by the law and celebrate those who flaunt the law - work on getting the law changed. 
And we are one small step closer to http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0364343/
Apple is DOOOOOOMED. Oh,wait, this is GOOD news for Apple, right? or has someone accused Apple of doing the same thing but haven't been caught yet? I thought the whole benchmark comparison thing was a casualty of the MHz wars - but I guess not.
Well that can't be right - on the Verizon commericals and on their website http://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/consumer/4g-lte.html they show AT&T looking like they barely have any coverage anywhere in the country.    One claims they are fastest - the other claims they are the largest - and the consumer is left trying to make a decision based more likely on the  apparent price and the advice of someone with an agenda or other bias.    Would be nice to see a large...
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