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A year to forget? What are we forgetting? that the analysts had their heads too far up their arses to make accurate predictions? I don't recall anyone from Apple ever claiming that their stock would climb to $1000 a share.
Wait - what? Do you mean to say that a trend doesn't continue indefinitely based on a short time period independently of the hundreds of factors in the real world that affect that trend?
  Because then you survive while your competitors fold or merge - and when the market changes or you figure out how to make high margin highly desirable products then you are still around to make your comeback (if all goes well). 
If the guy had convinced Jobs to add LTE to a device PRIOR to any LTE service being available AND convinced him to make it exclusive to Verizon AND had been poised to flood the market with LTE service and capitalize on that exclusivity then perhaps it would be notable.    and for the record I am the one who convinced the rain to fall during the storm this afternoon, yes indeed, using the oldest of rain making techniques often referred to as "a trip to the carwash" 
In other news - Microsoft is set to copy someone else's idea. Oh wait, that's not news. 
The "man-trap" is more than just two doors - it is a set of doors that only allow one door to be open at a time - or to put it another way, one door must be closed for the other to open. "man-trap" sounds more ominous than it is. Data centers I have been in use them for a couple of purposes - one is to control who has access - since you generally need either a badge or to be buzzed in by security (which is where the name comes from) but also to help environmentally it...
I think the only reason these so called analysts are making any predictions about Apple at all is because when they don't do so they don't get their names in the media.
Do the require weighing the items at the checkout? or some sort of verification of the number of items?    How long before someone scans a less expensive item with the same weight as a more expensive item in order to pay the lower price but get the more expensive item? I would imagine the developers must have considered items such as that - and maybe even have some sort of spot check system or cameras etc.    If and when RFID is more prevalent to the point of...
In other news, Blackberry CEO announces that using foot operated pedals to control the speed of a motor vehicle is SOOOOOO 18th century and they are also hard at work on a new and improved version of walking upright, he was quoted as saying, "You wanna talk about antiquated, don't get even get me started, we have so much in the pipeline right now, pretty soon you'll be asking why you were so addicted to oxygen your whole life without even realizing it." 
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