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 Is that an iOS device? 
I know of enterprise level customers in higher ed who have switched from in house email to Office 365 - in part because it removes the need for them to owns and operate the hardware and server licenses etc required to run your own Exchange farm for 40,000+ students and faculty. Plus it allows the students to take their email address with them when they leave without that cost being carried by the institution.  I do not know anything about the licensing or pricing aspects...
 Did the article get updated since you posted that? when I read it the text was Which could also be written as "All current iOS products, with the exception of near end of life the iPhone 4S, sport the newer Lighting protocol" 
Not personally holding out for a monstrously large screen. Or maybe freakishly is the right word.The bigger issue is why the story is written this way:when it should be more like this
So just what is the SPIRIT of the law? That no company should be able to be successful and make a profit unless the government can take whatever percentage they can get their hands on?    And as far as paying a fair share of taxes comment that was made - can you please define what a fair share is using a simple single formula that applies to every entity around the world? 
 You are so right with all the parts of your post I agree with but the rest is bunk. :-)
  I don't think that freqsound was suggesting that people who are visually impaired have it easy or that they deserve to suffer etc, but rather there is a significant difference between discrimination - which is an active choice to deliberately make trouble for someone based on some trait and the simple fact that many people have some difficulty living in a westernized world awash in technology and that alone does not automatically require that everyone and everything...
The "spirit of the law" when spoken by a politicians to me sounds like "we'll grab every last cent we can get away with"   It may be well know that all corporations do what they can to minimized expenses across the board, not just "tax burden" (ever wonder why the word burden is used?) but I must be traveling in the wrong circles because I have never before seen the phrase "Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich" before and had someone asked me what that phrase meant corporate...
So Apple should also be fined and have to pay themselves for leaking the information as well.    Maybe this is entirely different but it almost sounds like saying you didn't break into the house because the door was left unlocked. 
 Wow - I'll take freedom, and the responsibility that comes along with it, thank you very much.  That said, operating a motor vehicle is a privilege that should not be taken lightly - and if there are ways that those who do not choose to embrace driving as a hands on activity that requires skill and attention then I have nothing against self driving cars etc - but I don't see how that is incompatible with manually operated vehicles. Besides, there is no way you could...
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