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 Apparently I must have - still interesting to speculate about. Now MS buying Mojang is no longer rumor - and man if I had even 1/10th of that $2.5 billion I could pay off most of my Visa cards.
 Maybe you missed the original post - they (Square) allegedly have turned down a rumored $3 billion dollar buyout offer (from Apple).  Is that better?  It was not my intention to claim that in this particular case that either an offer was in fact made - or that offer was indeed refused - but rather speculating on what might be going on in any company to need a $100 million dollar infusion while categorically denying that discussions of selling for $3 billion even...
 Or perhaps it wasn't there at first and was later added. I saw it when I first read this article.  What has me curious is that if Square is doing so well that they don't even need to consider a multi-billion dollar buyout, for what exactly do they need a $100,000,000 investment?  As to the various comments about Square fizzling out - yes there will still be a place for physical swipe for a time and perhaps they can incorporate NFC in a soon to be released product - but...
I have not yet been able to watch the presentation/demo. My point is that for technology to be entirely effective - everyone involved in its use needs to have some understanding of how to use it properly. 
 I shop at one place where despite a keypad and swipe setup for the customer to use they still ask to see the card and check for a signature and if not signed ask for ID and in some places they enter the security code. So while technology allows for a transaction to take place in which the cashier nor the customer in line behind you needs to have any sort of physical or visual access to your card - that doesn't guarantee that everyone operating such gear will understand...
How long before cashiers ask not only to see the image on the screen but also your ID to double check the signature etc.  I am all for smarter and more secure tech but we are still dealing with people in many cases and it may take far longer for any adjustments on that front to catch up to the capabilities of technology. 
The worst part of ally he pre-announcement rumors is that when you are searching for real information after announcement you have to wade through a crapton of rumors including many sites that do not have date stamps in order to find actual info.
That is amazing. The judge deciding that the amount of the settlement should somehow reflect her inflated sense of importance. If the settlement isn't record breaking then why would her name become anything more than a footnote?
While I don't think any company has a right to dictate personal choices their employees make there is a difference between a random employee and a public spokesperson. Anytime a celebrity is used to promote a product it is implied that they have chosen to do so or that they believe in the product and folks who have a hard time with critical thinking on their own get the idea that if (fill in your favorite celebrity here) used product X then I can be just like (celebrity)...
Because, ya know, it is just so shockingly unexpected that the "industry watchers" get it so wrong. Shouldn't this be "Apple stock price takes a hit this week when it is revealed that Apple's marketshare is significantly different* than analysts predicted."*different in this case meaning far exceeding predictions, so clearly there is something wrong at Apple and Doom is imminent anytime a company outperforms the experts' predictions.
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