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 I agree - I don't need a phone to be 0.5mm thick - and I don't want it to be 10" diagonal after you add a case.  Many people may have there handheld device glued to their hand - mine spend plenty of time in a pocket or other location beside in my hand in front of my face. 
I am not familiar with how the beacons work - could potentially be a backdoor - or perhaps someone could use it to determine which cars have been parked for how long.  Some folks might cry Big Brother and anyone who voluntarily gives away the position of their car all the time might as well just forward all their emails, phone calls, and text messages to the NSA - never considering that this likely would not be any bigger a breach of their personal data and location than...
I wonder what the range on the iBeacon device is and whether or not that would be a good thing to build into or add onto a car. Although it mint have to be a restricted access devices that doesn't broadcast to everyone - not that people can't see your car there - but privacy and security might be concerns if your car is highlighted as belonging to someone who owns expensive technology.
 It hadn't occurred to me that memory was causing the Safari refresh rather than time away from the app for example.  Even at $5 extra for the component that doesn't take into consideration all the other engineering concerns and design trade-offs such as space, heat, battery life etc. Though I suspect they have prototypes with more and as opposed to other companies who make spec changes simply because the component is available rather than because it provides value I think...
Could be that the iOS operating system has a smaller memory footprint than Android.    Or perhaps they are using a sort of paging to fee up memory with little or no impact on performance - or maybe the chip is powerful enough to do compression.    If only they could prefect carbon nanotube batteries - and get a 10x increase in the charge density of the battery - or maybe it is micro crystal batteries - whatever the next major breakthrough in batteries. 
Was it just me or did every one else see a Microsoft Cortana ad before the video started?    Seems to me that the swipe deal would be more efficient if lifting your finger ended the word and starting the next swipe locked it in withe the space in between so that you didn't have to type the space bar between every word. 
 How else are we going to drive page views? Come on now - if GE comes out with a new toaster oven we can have a headline about its lack of BlueTooth and how that is obviously either signaling the death knell for Apple since not every device can be connected to iOS or a rumor that Apple is working on the iToaster which should be released any day know and will incorporate at the very least an indicator so you can chose how dark you want your toast and be alerted when it is...
 Are you sure the posts are deleted for some other reason? Been awhile since I read the rules over there - but could be you simply violated some established guideline/policy relating to cross linking or "promoting" another website. Might be no need for the tin foil hat on this one. 
I plug in whenever I am near enough to an outlet for it to be convenient because you never know for sure how long or far from an outlet you will be. and I do have some external battery devices. I have had times when my charger was left in the checked bag - or the cord I brought stopped working etc. My wife is the exact opposite - she rarely plugs if even when the cord is two inches away from her - until the battery runs out completely or at least gets very low.    I can...
 Or perhaps the ability to flip the wall plug around when not in use so that the prongs are not sticking out when you toss it in your travel bag. 
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