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 Good luck with that - especially if that person is busy.  I will use text messaging as a means of communicating low priority information or when a few words are all that is needed versus an entire conversation. For example, when I left a job site the other day, I sent a text to the wife simply letter her know that "I am on my way home now" and when I arrived at home the unread message was still on her phone which she hadn't plugged in and didn't know where it...
 I believe he was suggesting that he would not be able to receive the text from his pregnant wife while HE is driving - resulting in a significant and possibly life threatening delay in his ability to respond to her and or either get to her or get help to her. 
 My wife's 2013 CR-V will read text based text messages to you while driving - but won't show it on the screen unless the car is in park.  That doesn't stop you from picking up the phone and looking / answering directly on the device. I haven't tried but I think the voice recognition texting would still work - so could get a text, have the car read it, the activate Siri to say "Send a Text to _____," and the message.
I agree that far too many people are far too wrapped up in their phones instead of what is happening right in front of them.    Both my cars are manual transmission because when I drive I want to be in active control of the process of what is happening as possible. When I operate a motor vehicle it is something I am engaged in doing not just something that happens.    Maybe what we need is an app that determines when the user is a piss-poor driver and shuts their car...
How many accidents will be caused by people trying to figure out what the goram phone won't send a text? Or stop on the side of the highway to send/receive? What if your car rolls over and you are trying to call 911 while pinned by the crushed dashboard between the steering wheel and driver's seat? Since when did Apple deploy (not just invent and discard) technology that made it more difficult to use their products while being so easily defeated that it is simply a waste...
Wait - I thought Apple was doomed since Android has taken over all but a sliver of the mobile phone market - what did I miss?
Durn it - I tried to link to a picture of the armband thingy that Leela wears in Futurama.
Prior art?
"At a minimum, the video strongly suggests that Apple's products are innovative and patentable," Samsung's attorneys complained.   Isn't that kinda the core of the case - Apple claims that their products are innovative and patentable and Samsung says nuh uh.   Still I would think that the items used in an instructional video should not have been in any way related to any of the product involved in the law suit. For example, when I brother took a course to become a...
Is it just me or does that overhead photo look like some sort of cyclotron? kinda like this
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