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Google was working on Android for portable devices WAY before anyone at Apple even DREAMED about the iPhone - only trouble was the dang vacuum tubes kept blowing out.
Do you suppose that Apple stopped "making" the Xserve because all the production capacity of the Xserves is going exclusively to fill out the NC datacenter? Then again the last published Xserve was getting rathe old in the silicon.
Could this not be seen as a move by Apple to make up for deficiencies in the third party providers that have been limiting Apple's growth? Sure it is really bad for business for the little guys - but is Apple now doing more sales and generating higher revenues and greater profit through its retail stores than Authorized resellers where before? And might not the same be possible with new services offered? I am actually surprised they did not have some sort of major...
I just installed a Momentus XT Hybrid 7200RPM 500GB plus 4GB SSD plus 32MB of conventional cache. And it is faster for most things. It also includes some sort of algorithm for storing the most used stuff on the SSD portion, which does not appear as a separate volume. even if you have only the boot volume on SSD - that makes more than just booting faster - since the entire Operating system is on the SSD. operations that are CPU or RAM intensive may not benefit - but...
Or perhaps it will take some time for al those new to iPhone via Verizon to explore and discover what is available in the App store. I don't quite recall - but i think I didn't get many apps when the store first debuted - I tried a couple free ones. I have likely spent more $ in the 6 months since I got the iPhone 4 than I did in 3 years with the original iPhone.
If the purpose of the meeting was to discuss a tax holiday for transferring money earned in other countries to banks in the US - then it is obvious why Ballmer is not there - Microsoft has no foreign profits as a result of rampant pirating - and that is a separate meeting.
With so many folks apparently ready to switch from AT&T to Verizon - when can I get a used iPhone 4/AT&T for cheap to give to my son to use as an iPod Touch? then again, perhaps a lot of early switchers will be those who still have iPhone 3G and 3GS who waited for the iPhone 4/Verizon to switch. Or maybe I just wait for iPhone 5 and then give him my iPhone 4. And what is up with folks no eBay listing items for $20 plus $550 shipping?
Wasn't the iPhone 4/ATT available on day 1 only at Apple stores? could not get them anywhere else - and what about pre-order - how much of that did they allow? In other words - if say for example the iPhone 4/Verizon is available at twice as many locations then lines half as long at each location might be expected.
I think that may be a myth and the truth is far more complex - a quick web search turns up lots of info. Factors such as getting you contact info for marketing purposes. And what about the fact that it is not the retailer but the manufacturer who is issuing the rebate in most cases - which means that items such as the net sales figures and average retail selling price per unit are higher - and that retailers then report higher sales (and subsequently may have to pay higher...
Sure - you could turn it sideways - hang a divider sheet between the screens - and then present two images that are resolved by your eyes/brain into a 3D view - much like some scientific magazines use to print 3D images of proteins or DNA. I am not finding a good web reference - the top few items here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereoscopy are what I am getting at - if you have two entirely separate images that are slightly different from each other and you place a...
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