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maybe it was not stated as clearly as could be but I read that as saying that if you are betting $100 - I will give you 10:1 odds - meaning that if you lose I get your $100 and if you win I will pay out at 10:1 meaning I pay you $1000. The person offering the $1000 acting as the house in this case accepting the bet of $100 at a 10:1 payout being $1000 - not the person with the $1000 placing a 10:1 odds bet with a $10,000 payout.
I gave up the unlimited to get on the tethering plan - so I could dump my $60 a month notebook card. I would prefer to have an unlimited plan - or actually now that I have 4 iPhone 4's in the family - I would prefer to have some sort of shared data plan and or roll over data plan. I have unlimited shared text messaging - and roll over cellular minutes - why can they not do the same with data? I would guess that Verizon will use the unlimited plan as an incentive to...
Hey yeah - most folks talk about it like it is an all or nothing sort of thing. But just as the US Military took advantage of UFO sightings to hide some projects in plain sight - Apple may well on occasion inject just enough truth into the rumor mill to keep it churning - making it easier to maintain secrecy when it really matters - and to make everyone doubt even the most iron clad information until it is handed down officially. By the same token - all the talk of...
I would have two of each - black and white - in my family - but had to go with 4 black. hoping there will be a 4GS or 4S or whatever - this year - so that iPhone 5 can come out next year when my two years is up. remains to be seen whether it will be a compelling upgrade for me. more likely would be an iPad2 as my next purchase - assuming that comes out this year.
Yeah - why not make the announcement the day production beings - or even announce that next week production will begin - and even start taking pre-orders - sure folks will have to wait a few weeks longer perhaps - but then you would have a better idea how many you will need and how much to ramp up production to get started. As much as I like it when Steve says "available TODAY" - I wonder how much the theatrics actually translates into additional sales. And even say -...
Or, since he is a FORMER employee of the NSA - he can PLUG the backdoor(s).
Actually that is just an excuse given by the would be attackers so they don't sound lame crying about how hard it is to hack an Apple product without the explicit and deliberate cooperation of the person who has physical access to the product.
Saying that most (or all or some fraction of) Fortune 500 companies use the iPhone - is not the same as saying that the iPhone is the predominant smart phone used by a majority of users at all of those companies. Saying that most Fortune 500 companies use - or support - the iPhone *could* be interpreted to mean a corporate decision was made and the iPhone chosen as the preferred device - etc - but again without numbers or even percentages - that is not mutually exclusive...
I was thinking that getting divorced would have some benefits for me since my income is so much higher than my wife's then she could qualify for more government entitlements and help to increase the national debt.
Regardless of the facts in this case - I agree with you - but the very fact that there are still lots of people with that attitude is why being publicly known to be gay is still a problem in many places. Throughout history anyone viewed as "other" has been automatically classified as less worthy or defective or not even human - and you don't have to look very far afield or back in time to see those attitudes clearly emblazoned across our own landscape.
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