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 You mean he's not really a Doctor?  Looks like we've got ourselves quite a yawn-fest going on here. 
 There was a TV show that claimed that because the dots placed on a patients head to line up the radiation treatment for cancer lined up with the antenna in her cell phone that the phone must have caused the cancer. While is not how science works - and they didn't apparently consider the fact that both cell phones and medical equipment are designed to be operated by human hands and the fact that two unrelated pieces of equipment happen to have roughly the same shape and...
 my point is that something as simple as a misunderstanding or one person's fevered dreams when labeled as "a leak" gains some measure of legitimacy simple by virtue of how it is reported which can then grow into a full fledged conspiracy theory especially if there is an official denial   a bit of stretch all the way from this particular story to conspiracy theory but every good conspiracy theory has to start somewhere  
When is a leak not a leak? When it is either a fabrication/speculation or when it is a misunderstanding/misinterpretation of the evidence. Of course any and all good conspiracies can get started with one person's wild imagination and then be fueled by the official denial.
Were the various analysts and pundits really wrong? Or did they succeed in exactly what they set out to do and manipulate the stock trading public so they could profit handsomely?    Or maybe its a case where they feel they must continue to punish Apple for being the only company that refuses to tow the line and do what the "experts" think is best for Apple.    How many times does Apple need to defy their predictions before they step up and admit that they got it wrong...
I like the square sides - that way I can set it on a level surface and it doesn't fall over.
 I am pretty sure a number of folks have demonstrated that even a hands free conversation can be just as distracting as any other activity routinely conducted in a moving vehicle - it is your brain that needs to be on task when driving as much as your eyes.   So what you are saying is that the real problem is young women. Maybe we need to raise the minimum driving age until a point at which addictive text messaging is no longer predominant behavior. Or a maturity test as a...
28.something on my iPhone 5S - an update over 1GB sounds like you were not already at 7.1
 Good luck with that - especially if that person is busy.  I will use text messaging as a means of communicating low priority information or when a few words are all that is needed versus an entire conversation. For example, when I left a job site the other day, I sent a text to the wife simply letter her know that "I am on my way home now" and when I arrived at home the unread message was still on her phone which she hadn't plugged in and didn't know where it...
 I believe he was suggesting that he would not be able to receive the text from his pregnant wife while HE is driving - resulting in a significant and possibly life threatening delay in his ability to respond to her and or either get to her or get help to her. 
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