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Product announcements and various fees etc are not always what "Apple" wants - there is always a compromise between many competing factors in any business decision. I do wonder though about the so called "accounting issue" related to the iPod Touch upgrade - it was obviously not an insurmountable issue - though I wonder if the entire issues was the accounting department pointing out some balance sheet that didn't have numbers they wanted to see and charging for an...
these folks are working on an iPhone 4 case with built in battery - http://www.ivyskin.com/iphone-battery-smartcase.html
well that seals it - if I am not getting products based on patent no 4,577,216 then I am returning every single Apple product I own. NOT.
Oops, sorry, wrong thread.
I noticed the other day with my iPhone 2G (which I am hoping to replace with iPhone 4 in the next couple weeks) that if I hold it at the bottom the signal is affected more so than if I hold it up higher - more loosely - or set it down. Not sure if the case I used to have made much difference - and I have had dropped calls with the phone in a cradle in the car with the top down. So just saying that although not as obvious or dramatic or easy to reproduce as the iPhone 4...
I ran that RIM announcement through the Babelfish translator and it came out something like this: Oh God! Don't show people how are products have the same problem as yours - we are already losing enough market share to you - are you trying to bury us? it went on to say... Yeah we know our products have the same issue - but grip of death can beat your grip of death any day of the week and twice on saturday - nyah nyah. Also... Damn them for upping the anti...
how are they collecting the user complaints? if it is only users who have scheduled a genuis bar appointment specifically over "antenna" or "reception" problem - then I suspect the true number may be 10 times higher than what Apple is reporting. i would like to see the dropped cal stats for iPhone 2G. if a case solves the problem that is not too bad - since I wsa looking in to something like this: http://www.ivyskin.com/iphone-4-case...tion-case.html which...
Oh no - the signal loss is infectious - keep your other cell phones away from the iPhone 4 else you will be infected as well!
The *real* reason for the con call is to place all the blame on AT&T and to announce that the iPhone will be available on Verizon effective today with expected sales of 5 million Verizon iPhones over the weekend.
I had the same thought - regrading Log vs Linear. Maybe a better approach would be this scale: instead of 5 bars - Awesome! instead of 4 bars - Better Instead of 3 bars - Cool Instead of 2 bars - Depends (trying to find a better one here) Instead of 1 bar - Eek Instead of 0 bars - Fail Which could be abbreviated A - B - C - D - E - F and maybe even use a plus or minus to indicate either data signal or WiFi as in A+, B- etc.
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