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perhaps software makers wil lower their average selling price as they gain access to a larger potential customer base via an interface which as far as I can tell is enjoying some modest success (on the iOS App store). Though I would like to see options such as RealBasic has used where one low price gets you the download and a license - if you want a printed manual - that is extra$ - if you need support that is extra$ - there is a lot of software that I might be willing...
I don't get why this guy is upset - he's already got a job on that Progressive Insurance commercial, doesn't he? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2uyk...layer_embedded
There are Lies, There are Damn Lies, and then there are Statistics. A 2% difference does not appear to be statistically significant to me - unless you have a huge sample size. The title should be more along the lines of men and women choose the iPhone is equal numbers - and women are more likely to be unsure what phone they want. Of course - headlines that contain accurate, useful and complete information are not really headlines are they? Maybe - Android gains popularity...
Yes - but if your page loads in one third the time - unless you read very slowly - you are a lot more likely to consume more content in a given period of time - or spend more of your time overall downloading content - meaning that in a given billing cycle the probability that you will end up with a higher overall data usage is much higher. Whatever happened to FIOS? Is that still being rolled out? Don't see it as an option where I live - despite being included in this 4G...
Perhaps this is the reason for the new data center which last I heard is due to go on line before the end of the calendar year - could easily be to add more on-demand content bandwidth to support the increasing number of subscription and on-demand type activities.
Nah, those are reserved for the likes of Al Gore.
Why indeed - I was just speculating that there might be some tenuous reason - and aren't Apple and Nokia already involved in one lawsuit or another with each other?
That did occur to me - that it might be checking to see if it had been implemented or that it had been done correctly.
Mr. John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt no wait it's Slim Shady, the REAL Slim Shady no wait it's Maxx Pantsmaster, Esq. - oh hang on that's my Porno name no wait my True Identity is Miles Pope oh nevermind
Something does not add up for me - if Nokia had to run undisclosed tests to verify that the iPhone is using their technology - does that not imply that they did not know whether the technology had been licensed by Apple in the first place? or is that not patented or require license fees or royalties of some sort?
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