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Why not allow the user to decide which search engine they prefer to use - as with the browser on your personal computer? And maps as well? The MapQuest app for iOS offers a lot more than the default google maps - including turn by turn voice navigation - and it is free. I want that to be my default map app - but that does not mean that I want everyone to be forced to that default.
Oh the wisdom of your words - if only we had stopped back when the ENIAC was the only computer on the planet - that surely would have been utopia - or wait - perhaps we should put Charles Babbage in charge of all technological innovation from now on.
Just figured we haven't had enough people who missed the point yet so I figured I'd add some more.
hey - did you eve READ the story - it's not the plug - its the socket!
man alive what is apple thinking making a proprietary audio jack - that'll never fly with the consumers
Maybe this has already been covered - but the point of the new design is that it already IS compatible with ALL 3.5mm plugs out there. NO CHANGE to the PLUG required to fit into this new SOCKET. The socket in this case is in effect a "black box" - meaning that you want to plug in any headphones, apple branded, or otherwise, as well as other devices which are not headphones - such as headphones with mic or IR remote control - and have the device function as expected -...
If they simply wanted to have a smaller overall space taken up by the plug and socket they could simply use a 2.5mm plug and socket instead of the 3.5mm plug and socket. I am not sure what impact that would have on the sound quality or amount of power you could push through the connector. That change - from 3.5mm to 2.5mm would surely make nearly every existing set of headphones incompatible without an adapter. What we have here is Apple up to its usual clever...
I am a bit surprised by not allowing products to be made to work with YOUR OWN stuff - I mean, what is the point of touting the benefits of your magsafe adapter if it is too restricted or expensive or limited in how and where you how you can buy it and use it. Not allow OTHER manufacturers to use the port is a different story. At least in this case in my opinion - the magsafe adapter is a competitive advantage and a reason why you might look at Apple instead of the...
there are a number of licensed products out there - so is the issue that this company is using and or reselling and or making Apple patented products/components without the proper license? as for extra juice for you iDevice when traveling in addition to those already listed any google search for items such as iphone battery case or iphone battery - will get lots of results, such as: http://www.mophie.com/SearchResults....FYVk7AodBhF6Dw With many of them available...
They should have asked questions about why people would switch and what would change their mind - such as improved coverage - or higher speeds - or unlimited data at a reasonable price - or shared family data plan like they have for text and voice.
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