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Se it wasn't Apple artificially creating limited supply to increase the hype, it was the component supplier. Running at full capacity, yeah right. Or maybe its a Microsoft led conspiracy to limit the product capacity to make things harder on Apple.
Maybe an opportunity here for someone to write a plugin that responds to auto-fill requests with a bogus address book entry - and then allow you to manually allow the correct data to be filled in.
http://www.ideafinder.com/history/in.../microwave.htm The microwave oven was "discovered" thanks to a melted candy bar - not a dead engineer. As for warning labels, ever look at a ladder lately? or even a step stool - some of the have a sticker that says "DO NOT CONTINUE BEYOND THIS STEP" - likely because someone stepped off the top of a ladder - or onto the top rung and leaned over and fell off - not because ladders are a uncontrolled hazard in and of themselves. Those...
This is a good example I think of where the patent should not be issued to cover a generic idea but a specific implementation - if he has some algorithm or specific method then great you get a patent - but not for describing the problem and a potential solution.
The mass hysteria is SOOO much more entertaining
The trouble with conspiracy theories is that they are not logical so there is no way to refute them. And how many products is Apple currently selling vs how many have 4 week lead times? And where is the data on how long after product launch before lead times shrink to 3 days? and where are those who believe artificial constraint on the day that whichever product reaches a 2 to 3 day lead time apologizing for being wrong? And what about folks concerned about...
Where is the data on other product launches showing initial 4 week lead time - shrinking to 3 weeks - shrinking to 1 week - shrinking to 3 days - etc. And where are the headlines proclaiming the day manufacturing volumes exactly meet demand?
I just may have to try that on my iPhone 2G after i get my iPhone 4.I've got a Mac SE That I upgraded with a noV 68030 accelerator with 20MB of RAM and external monitor - (internal monitor is cracked) - only problem is that I think the internal disk stopped spinning - I may have a zip disk with a boot image on it that has the device drivers for the noV board. A G3 Blue Tower upgraded to G4 with 4 hard drives it in that is not working very well - and some other OS8 and OS9...
From a purely business perspective it does not make sense to satisfy the entire demand for a given product on the day of announce. Not only would that mean either a much larger manufacturing capacity or a huge stockpile before announced. Either way can you imagine the bad press Apple would get if it either A. Manufactured 10 million iPhones a day and sold only 9 million on the first day, and only 8 million on the second day and only 7 million on the next day etc etc -...
somewhere around here is the source code for HyperCard... just kidding - although I think I have heard folks asking the same thing a number of years ago - for donation of the source code for HyperCard to the public domain - well, okay that may be slightly different, but still how many folks are still running hardware that can use that software? (I have some around here but not sure if it still works).
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