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What about a stylus to use it like a Wacom digitizing tablet?
Yes - two to three weeks - because with enterprise equipment that is used to handle transactions such as cellular traffic that generate revenue for the company you don't just shut it off in the middle of the day. You have a change control process and change windows that have to be scheduled for the middle of the night and or weekends - and you have to do a backup before hand so that if something goes wrong you can revert. And they may even have temporary hardware that is...
I did not steal that Wired magazine from the news stand - I was only trying it before I buy it.
That could just as easily be the result of dividing all AC reported Antenna/Reception reports by ALL iPhones sold to date. Or could be the percentage of all AC reports for ALL products. Not sure if the original source data is explicit enough to be sure about it. either way we would need some way to extrapolate reported problems to all problems which have not yet been discovered or reported or considered serious enough to report or have read so much on the web figured a...
I expect to have the funds to upgrade to iPhone 4 at the end of the month - but where do I find one - or should I pre-order it now to have any chance of getting one in the beginning of April?
Safari is not the only browser with autofill - where is the comparative analysis showing that every browser on every platform suffers from the same thing? And where is the alert that a web page has asked my system to provide personal information even though that info is not needed and does not appear on the screen anywhere? I am sure that is the source of lots of junk mail - I don't use my son's email except to register him for online games - but I get junk mail to...
I was planning to get a black one for me and a white one for the wife to more easily avoid getting them mixed up - on the other hand I will likely get an IvySkin case for mine and can get some other case for hers so that they are distinct enough to avoid confusion.
Sorry to hear that - glad to hear a positive outcome - but from what I have read - the "low income" portion of what you wrote has a much higher correlation to all sorts or childhood or early onset medical problems. In large part resulting from factors such as poor nutrition, lack of access to pre-natal care, family history, and many other factors. In many cases the out come of an epidemiolgic study has as much to do with how all the factors such as age, income, education,...
Se it wasn't Apple artificially creating limited supply to increase the hype, it was the component supplier. Running at full capacity, yeah right. Or maybe its a Microsoft led conspiracy to limit the product capacity to make things harder on Apple.
Maybe an opportunity here for someone to write a plugin that responds to auto-fill requests with a bogus address book entry - and then allow you to manually allow the correct data to be filled in.
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