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these folks are working on an iPhone 4 case with built in battery - http://www.ivyskin.com/iphone-battery-smartcase.html
well that seals it - if I am not getting products based on patent no 4,577,216 then I am returning every single Apple product I own. NOT.
Oops, sorry, wrong thread.
I noticed the other day with my iPhone 2G (which I am hoping to replace with iPhone 4 in the next couple weeks) that if I hold it at the bottom the signal is affected more so than if I hold it up higher - more loosely - or set it down. Not sure if the case I used to have made much difference - and I have had dropped calls with the phone in a cradle in the car with the top down. So just saying that although not as obvious or dramatic or easy to reproduce as the iPhone 4...
I ran that RIM announcement through the Babelfish translator and it came out something like this: Oh God! Don't show people how are products have the same problem as yours - we are already losing enough market share to you - are you trying to bury us? it went on to say... Yeah we know our products have the same issue - but grip of death can beat your grip of death any day of the week and twice on saturday - nyah nyah. Also... Damn them for upping the anti...
how are they collecting the user complaints? if it is only users who have scheduled a genuis bar appointment specifically over "antenna" or "reception" problem - then I suspect the true number may be 10 times higher than what Apple is reporting. i would like to see the dropped cal stats for iPhone 2G. if a case solves the problem that is not too bad - since I wsa looking in to something like this: http://www.ivyskin.com/iphone-4-case...tion-case.html which...
Oh no - the signal loss is infectious - keep your other cell phones away from the iPhone 4 else you will be infected as well!
The *real* reason for the con call is to place all the blame on AT&T and to announce that the iPhone will be available on Verizon effective today with expected sales of 5 million Verizon iPhones over the weekend.
I had the same thought - regrading Log vs Linear. Maybe a better approach would be this scale: instead of 5 bars - Awesome! instead of 4 bars - Better Instead of 3 bars - Cool Instead of 2 bars - Depends (trying to find a better one here) Instead of 1 bar - Eek Instead of 0 bars - Fail Which could be abbreviated A - B - C - D - E - F and maybe even use a plus or minus to indicate either data signal or WiFi as in A+, B- etc.
Well then what is the point of speculating AFTER the press-conference? If you want to get your name in the headlines for your latest bit of make-believe as to what your best guess will be as to the content or outcome of the press release - you have to get while the getting is good. If the result of the press conference is something along the lines of only 1% of units are affected and those will be exchanged or repaired at no charge - then the whole issue *should* fizzle...
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