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The "software" system for the iOS devices IS considered firmware (at least I think it is).
that *sounds* like they intend to electrically isolate the exterior antenna from the internal connector - which sounds to me like you would be permanently limiting the antenna's range until a new and improved internal only solution is devised. If am reading that right (and the report is correct) then it sounds like the fix for sometimes I get lousy reception is to always get lousy reception.
So is the timing of tomorrow's press release far enough away to say see I told ya so - its fixed. Or maybe so close that they can claim it is fixed but not enough people would have had enough time to test it out - essentially resetting the clock on the problem. Would be nice if they (meaning Jobs or whoever will lead the press conference) were to say tomorrow something along the lines of - yes there is a manufacturing problem affecting these serial numbers (insert start...
The press conference that is. Let's hope Apple "holds" the press conference properly. Else MS or Google or Adobe or Verizon might have to tell them they "held" it wrong.
At least Microsoft has a permanent solution to the problems with Vista and slow adoption rate of Windows 7 - support for downgrades to Windows XP until the year 2020 - http://chicagobreakingbusiness.com/2...ore-years.html What has Apple got to compare to that? A free replacement iPhone 3GS for anyone hot happy with their iPhone 4? I don't think so.
That could be a function of the code on the page doing a lookup against a database of previous entries and not a function of the browser or plugin.
I will repair your iMac - blindfolded! which actually makes me wonder if the Apple stores have any training or equipment or employees capable of working with the deaf or the blind.
What's next? An Apple employee at your local brew-pub to chat endlessly about anything you like - provided you're buyin' I guess the original announcement headline "Apple Retails Employees will be expected to do More with Less"didn't pan out so well. Also coming soon - iKindergarten - where Apple Employees will hang around at the local park near the teeter totter and talk to preschoolers about Apple products they might inherit someday. (what's that? the guy hanging around...
That site is a pretty good example of how the Flash plug-in drives my 2.33GHz Core2 Duo to 150% or more of CPU utilization. not sure how that would work on the iPhone or iPad. and I've been waiting a few minutes for the zoom level to load at anything better than half a continent
if I didn't know better I'd say they are implying that there is some kind of problem with the phone....
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