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I guess its a flop then huh - watch for the stock to drop.
Someone should do a comparison to other industries. For example what is the material cost of an automobile? Of course in that case there is a large difference between the truly raw materials and the finished individual components. and the labor cost per unit may be much higher than on consumer electronics - or how about a building construction project? it is not at all unusual for a project such as adding a deck on your house to be 50% materials cost and 50% labor cost.
pure speculation on my part - but if the quote is indeed true - could it be a sort of underhanded way to either make people decide that if Apple will not work with Verizon then forget Apple or a way of putting the pressure on Apple from a public perception perspective - in other words rather than secretly meet with Apple while Apple has the upper hand - you publicly say well I am willing to work with Apple but so far they have not been willing to work with me - which them...
maybe now we can have an app that makes you think you are playing a game but you are really deleting things off your device
If it is something as simple as a loose WiFi Antenna connection that is a hardware problem with an easy fix.
Can't speak to the iPad - but I use NetFlix over my AT&T 3G card in my notebook whenever I travel.
I may just have to look into this device since I already have Netflix. If you get the 3G version you could use it on a train. Some aircraft have WiFi - not sure how wel 3G would work at 30,000 feet - there have been rumors of cell phone use being allowed on aircraft - maybe a critical mass of iPads would get enough people interested to get the FAA to take a serious look at whether there is any risk whatsoever to allowing cell phone use is flight. Or perhaps...
i dunno - seems to me there must be some sort of prior art in regards to determining whether any given human being has more than one finger. not sure the specifics in this case - but in general I thought a patent was supposed to be for a specific implementation of an idea - not the general idea itself. For example - I cannot file a patent along the lines of - a device for the apprehension of and subsequent detainment of members of the order of Rodentia and expect...
Certainly not a coincidence - of course they knew the launch date of the iPad and EVERYONE knew that the hype surround the iPad release date would be *likely* to have a positive impact on the stock price - so what would YOU do? you are sitting on stock options that are worth millions - but essentially have no value at all really until you SELL them - history tells us that stock prices spike around the time folks are expecting something miraculous to happen with the...
You mean that a lawsuit is required for you to figure out whether you are the owner of something? Sounds more like the lawsuit is required to determine if the party who is currently the owner has a strong enough a claim to sole ownership so as to prevent you from selling your copy without paying royalties. Or maybe it is more of a - sorry, I didn't want to be the bad guy here but the court says that you (fill in the blank, have to pay me or don't own that, etc).
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