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The wife and I both got new iPhones this month - but not activated on Christmas day. The wife also got a new Kindle - but also activated prior to Christmas day. I wonder how our old iPhones will be counted - if at all - when reactivated - one was a Christmas gift but has yet to be activated and the other will be for a birthday in Feb.
Sounds like yet another of someone getting the knickers in a twist and deciding that since Apple has deep pockets they make an easy target to go after with some arcane interpretation of the law (or ordinance or whatever it is in this case). Or perhaps a case where all parties willingly entered into a agreement based on terms accepted by all and then someone decided they should have gotten a better deal than they did.    While I am not saying Apple can do no wrong - it...
Now I know why we all got that email that said Microsoft would pay you to forward it - that was really the NSA testing their ability to monitor all internet traffic with Microsoft's help.
How about finding a way to shut down the criminals entirely? But I suppose in a global world that is just too big a challenge.
Got a 2013 CR-V without nav - lease on my 2012 Accord is up end of 2014 - will be interesting to see what is available. Would be even better if they offered manual trans in anything above the LX. Might have to look at something else this time around.
 Granted if you could properly strip an entire house - that could add up - or an industrial location where you might be able to grab raw product off a pallet you might get dozens or hundreds of pounds - but in a smash and grab in a house - the basement is the only area where the pipes are likely to be exposed - not that thieves care how much damage they do to the property in the process.  if this is correct...
The house next to my parents' is vacant and had the copper stolen recently - I think they caught the thieves - at $3 a pound I can't imagine they got more than a couple or few pounds out of a 1200 sq ft house. How desperate do you have to be for $20 or less to break in to a house to steal the plumbing and wiring?
  Free as in any other option would have been more money out of pocket with no reduction in my monthly service for a device that is replacing a device that is already more than she needs. Plus her 4 is already slated to go to a niece.  While I use my devices to make money - so that latest and greatest speed etc makes me more productive - some folks don't need the additional capability - even at $6.25 a month.  IF the carriers were actually interested being fair to their...
Got the wife the 5c - since she barely used all the functionality of her 4 - got it at Target for $50 with a $50 Target gift card included - so effectively free. Waiting for the 5s 64GB to be in stock so I upgrade my 4s.
For member cards I use the Key Ring app - stores lots and lots of cards - the bar code scans most places and for others I bring up the large number view - I do silt carry a very often used card since that one doesn't scan well and I use it at self-service stations.    I think I did see a signature strip on the back.    Perhaps the change cards requires holding the button down for a few seconds before it goes into change mode.    COIN = Card One I'm Done ????   Coin...
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