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  Okay - so if the Judge tells you that he or she has already decided that you are guilty before the trial has even begun that means you should just fold and not exercise your rights to plead your case?    Sounds a lot like Guido telling you that it would be in your best interest to pay your protection money so that nothing "bad" were to happen to you or your business. 
  That was not comparing features or capabilities so much as the user experience. 
Could have sworn I have been doing two things at once on my iOS devices on a regular basis. Including voice or video call while using another app - perhaps the video feed froze or I could not see the incoming video - but still if I make the effort to do a video call then the video is what I want to be looking at and if I need to check something on the web or my calendar then I can't easily be watching the video and reading something else at the same time.
  Right, and do you check to verify that all the components both hardware and software in the products you bought have been properly licensed and make arrangements to pay otherwise? Or is this only limited to those who make products that are directly sold to consumers? or is the supplier of the chips not a seller and Apple a buyer? what about the suppliers Apple's suppliers? have you checked that the gallium arsenide is mined from duly licensed mining operations in...
  I do development in VBA on a Mac for users on both Mac and Windows versions of Office - and while support for VBA is quite good, especially compared to sorry can't do that at all, there are still places where there are differences between the two versions. Active X is a big one - works on Windows and not available on Mac (which is likely a good thing, but it does mean that some folks write code that will only work on Windows). Some differences are the way the OS works...
  You have forgotten a few - I have used most versions of Windows - including server versions - and I would say that Windows 7 is the best version of Windows - but not the best OS overall.    Windows 3.1 - networking was really screwy. Windows NT - lots of device driver compatibility issues Windows 98 - had lots of short comings Windows XP - the first version that was truly useable but very unstable and full of security holes Windows 7 - with some tweaking to make it look...
  Riiiiight, because clearly that is how Apple has been successful with the iOS platform - by cramming every desktop feature into there creating a full desktop experience smooshed into a 4" screen - NOT!   The single most genius thing that Apple did with the original iPhone was NOT dragging every bit of legacy baggage along for the ride. While I think it is great that the underlying kernel has a similar base - and that many parts of the user interface and user experience...
hmm - maybe Apple approved cables have extra insulation - so that non Apple approved cables can have excess voltage pumped through them and cause a fire then no one will buy the cheap stuff again - or is it amps that do the trick?
I wonder if it would make sense for Apple to buy back all stock and become a private company not traded on the stock market.    Forget the non-sense of the market and focus on making great products that millions of people want to buy. 
  Or perhaps only that some components used in the prototype were manufactured some time ago. Or perhaps that a unit was pulled form production back then to start tinkering with. Unless you have some sort of built-on-date or paperwork to go with it I would think that any production date of individual parts might be better interpreted only as parts which have yet to be updated if such is the plan before a release candidate is ready for production.
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