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you beat me to it - except I was going to say - iPhone 5 now with working antenna
I am using 7 extentions right now! No really, I am. Actually I have 9 installed - but had some sort of trouble with a couple and turned them off.
So does "WAPI is a natively created Chinese security protocol for wireless Internet access." mean that they want to have their own protocols to protect against foreign interests? or perhaps more likely so that the government has the keys to tap into anyone's data stream?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inventi...on-obviousness http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prior_art I have not seen the patents in question - but it would seem to me that unless you talking about very specific protocols and the underlying hardware that is involved in actually moving the bits and ensuring they end up at the target location as intended - then it would seem to me that as already mentioned - that the day that both email of any kind and wireless communication of...
And it seems that even with the purported original mastermind of Apple's success that MS fell flat. Maybe he was unable to think differently enough to be successful at MS.
interesting info here - http://youshottheinvisibleswordsman....pen-standards/ - doesn't really answer the question - but leads me to believe it should not be too tough a technological terror for the Moffs to create.
Why not add FaceTime to desktop Mac OS X as well? since it is WiFi only anyway - and tons of Macs out there already have built-in camera - would allow video chat with far more folks. Maybe even an option to forward a FaceTime chat request from one device to the other.
They should have called it the TARDIS - and then advertised with "It's Bigger on the Inside" T= Time A = And R = Relative D = Dimension I = In S = Space or T = Total A = Apple R = Reality D = Distortion I = In S = Space hmm, might need some work yet.
Could you not make your own icons? or copy the old icon to the new app?
This is not a matter of having tested the iPhone - and if there is a small subset of hardware that on the provider end of the link that is not handling 3G for ALL 3G devices the way that it is supposed to then that device needs to be fixed or replaced. I don't see this as finger pointing - but root cause analysis and identifying the problem plainly and openly. Also it would seem that iDevice users are the most demanding and or likely to notice and complain when the service...
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