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With LTE right around the corner - and Verizon recently joining the GSMA board - I would think that some sort of LTE compatible iPhone mid year 2011 is more likely - that way production and sales of the next gen iPhone could coincide with the deployment of LTE - just a matter of synchronizing those two schedules - and perhaps in part AT&Ts plans to move to LTE. AT&Ts move to allow early updates could be nothing more than increasing the pool of potential buyers for new...
iPad iPod iPhone = iFUD - not necessarily relevant - just occurred to me along with BP = Been Polluted but that is even less relevant.
It sounded to me as if this was entirely proactive on the part of the Law firm - heard some grumblings - and decided to find out if they could get enough people to come forward and make a statement in order to build a case - not a situation where a mob of users showed up at the law firm's door demanding that they build a case. So far the reactions from users I have heard have ranged from - damn that sucks, hope they fix it soon to I am returning this POS and switching to...
Makes me wonder what the criteria are for a class acton lawsuit are. A case such as Toyota's runaway acceleration resulting in injury, property damage etc - I can see that - even if only to cover the cost of proactive - preemptive corrective action. But in the case of the iPhone - except for Apple's denial that it is a problem - wouldn't it at least be useful to find out just how many units are affected - or whether it is a hardware or software or network issue. I...
The reason to care is that the revenue generated by the ads helps to keep the cost of the apps low for the consumer since it is a way for the developers to make $ without needing to charge $50 for an app. Just like commercial television and commercial radio - you don't pay $1000 a month for "broadcast" TV or Radio because of commercials.
As has been discussed ad nauseum every time this type of report comes out - the numbers provided are the individual component cost of the parts - not the total cost to Apple of production including R&D - Software - shipping - marketing etc. Kinda of like looking up the cost of a set of brake pads on eBay for your BMW vs dropping your car off at the BMW dealer to have the brakes replaced. (or any dealer really). would you expect the car dealer to instal your brake pads as...
can't be - it's got a motorola chipset in it What we need is a liquid rubber coating such as this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycjbrQSvCzk to dip your hand into to prevent accidental contact between your skin and the phone - just leave a couple finger tips exposed so you can still use the touch screen.
I'l second that!
Made a trip to the local Apple store today - picked up an iPhone 4 (literally picked it up can't afford to by one till my bonus comes in) - and was able to repeatedly kill the bars by holding it in my right hand as I would while typing a text or email etc. Also - Retina Display - wow - by comparison my current iPhone 2G looks fuzzy.
I see what it is now - a plot to create new appointed positions and such and be able to say see how well I am spending you tax dollars I am protecting your privacy while meanwhile nothing changes and our taxes go up.
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