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Two says later my iCloud accounts are still acting a bit erratic. Seems to get my mail upon logon and then reject the password for any subsequent mail. If I put in a new password, it does the same thing. Right now I'm just logging out & back in to get my iCloud mail.
Looking for some advice. Been dealing with illness & now future on/as disabled person. Used to be on top of EVERYTHING MAC, literally since 1984 . . . in other words I would have know the answer to this question myself . . . life changes things before you know it. Anyhow , I have a 17" MBP ,2.8 I7 about a year old , maxed out & with a 512k flash drive, etc and an imac, also about a year old ( both bought last Feb); 27" maxed out memory, 128 flash drive/2t ata, quad...
I'm actually about to retire several PPC Mac's and replace them with new ones that were supposed to ship on the 24th after a three week wait. Mysteriously, my ship date changed yesterday to the 28th and now after close inspection I see a Free Multi User /Site License Version of Leopard (10.5, not Snow Leopard) was added to my order. THe plan had been to integrate the remaining PPC (10.4) Macs with the New ones that were suppose to ship with 10.5 ( and get the free...
In the 25 or so years I have been a Mac user and fan , this seems to be a typical design vs. cost ( and probably availbility) decision Apple seems to make with initial /new model releases . This is a beautiful piece of equipment ! Typical of the Apple we all love and support . I am among those that this desigh decision will cost Apple a sale,But only inatially ! I have been waiting for a 13" mbp to replace a 12" pb. I think I'll avoid the first release of this model,...
Actually they do expect to have it deployed by the end of this year and up and running in 2010 . Take a look : [URL="http://www.intomobile.com/2008/04/05/verizon-mobile-broadband-lte-on-700mhz-spectrum-by-2011.html"]http://www.intomobile.com/2008/04/05/verizon-mobile-broadband-lte-on-700mhz-spectrum-by-2011.html[/URL I guess one mans facts are another mans . . . facts ]
That's very interesting , make a lot sense . .. . now ! Thanks ! What do you mean by intraweb?
Does anyone know anything about this or what I can replace it with on my Mac? I'm trying to watch a video , embedded on a web site, with out the option to download it . Every time I try and play it , it tries to down load viewtubesoftware.40004.exe, which does me no good on a Mac running 10.4.5 . Anyone know of a QT plug in or some other way I can watch this ? Thanks !
wow . . . nice job !
I agree with you . I thought we were long past the days when people would attack others rather than discuss issues of interest to all of us .
No, my calendars , email and web pages are all off, not mention the crazy reactions from the system. The sync and old .mac links still don’t work as advertised. I like the 30 day extension , it’s reminiscent of the Tiger launch. I think I got free stereo monster cables then. I just hope a 30 day extension isn’t Apples way of saying that the problems might take 30 days to clear up. At least I’m getting my emails, I think . . .
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