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Interesting. On Monday I was told by an ATT regional manager that their average speeds for their network in our area ( Philadelphia, Pa) were 600 up & 800dn and no changes were expected until at least September. I specifically asked if the new iphone would be faster. He indicated he didn’t know, except to say that their network speeds wouldn’t improve until at least Sept. So who is telling me the truth ? I’m sure there is more to this than my simplistic questions reveal....
There have been unsubstantiated reports that Sony was offering "some" laptop manufacturer some sort of sweet deal to put in memory stick slots as standard. I wonder if Steve would go for something like that . . . have Sony pay Apple to use memory sticks . Hope not , but who knows . Just rumors any how . . .
Maybe the "iphone3 isn't made by Apple ? I wonder if they sell the blue striped shirt , I like that .
Wow, never would have thought that ! I was pretty sure the Stock Exchange regs prevented that . Thanks ! By the way . . . still a good question about when they come out ! Thanks !
It'll take about what, 4-6 weeks to find out if it fits ? I wonder if they'll give refunds if it dosn't ?
Every jurisdiction in the U.S. (primarily the states) have slightly different rules. However, generally a corporation can start its fiscal year any time "it" wants to. For the most part, large publicly traded corporations like Apple start their fiscal year in January. I believe all of the U.S. exchanges still require this as a condition of listing. (In order to maintain consistency of reporting, etc.) Usually, it is smaller privately held corporations that start their...
Actually I think you are close to what Steve has in mind. A combination of an Xserve, Time Capsule and Apple TV: a "whole home server" seems like Apples near future. Set it up and go from anywhere in the house. Laptops, desk tops , iphones/ipods can all access it . Set top boxes or adapters ( wifi/or whatever) for TV's/monitors, appliences , even your car, etc.
If you're not a Safari fan, there are several better choices than Firefox ; Camino, SeaMonkey, Navagator 9. . . , Flock. Just to mention several good and free options .
Right now Steve is in the “john” Mommy always said “make sure to go first !
So is she coming or not ? I have my trusty portable web cam ready to catch her arrival with my exclusive jam proof prototype iiiphonebook- super pro . . . And broadcast it live to AI, of course !
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