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Shorting AAPL in the long run would be the conventional wisdom. It's not good news. Why is anyone's guess.
I hope you're right, I was planning/hoping to buy a new duel/duel as close to 3ghz as I could, to take me through the next few years. New pro software might just be icing on the cake ! I guess we'll see very soon .
Well Engaget says no duel /duel PowerMac. The 2.7 single duel stays at the top of the line ! I hope not !. But it would figure! URL=http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000340064022/
Apparently this is not available on software update. I have QT 7.02 Pro . When I run update. It says "nothing available". Same thing for itunes. Wonder Why ? I have the latest 15" PB SD 2gb/120gb, 10.4.2 ! Everything is up to date and working fine? Anyone know whats up?
As far as I know it go's through live update or manually, only, so the updates come Symantec and yes, it works across a LAN. I have no experience with the resent PC version. Is this what you mean?
Matteblack, grey , silver, any metal, aluminum would be great. I'm so tired of white. I'm in the market for a new PowerMac and PowerBook, although I'll probably hold out until Intel Rev2 for both, MatteBlack aluminum in either (and the display) would be hard to resist.
According to Norton Antivirus , I actually downloaded a worm from the iTunes music store in a song ! The program quarantined it.. I sent a copy to Apple, asking them what gives? That was 8 days ago. So far, no answer. Is this a first? Buggy Norton program ? Can't wait to see what Apple has to say! If its true, maybe "snake oil sales man " deserves a second look? If not. . . well, throw out the program?
I have problems playing videos from a web site I belong to. Sometime the Quicktime Icon appears and the video plays, sometimes it plays as a windows media player video. The rest of the time the quicktime icon appears for a while , then turns in a ? mark and lightens and no video. If I copy it my disk, same thing. If I change it to a .wmv video, it opens in vlc, but no video. Then it , trys to open in WMV , but it has no video attached. I am running 10.4.2. Interestingly...
Thanks, are you Happy with your Treo ? I'm also looking at the Samsung, but with Windows Mobile, its probably not going to work very well. doubt that Verizon will let me use the Treo as a modem. Great if they do ! Thanks Again!
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