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I think Huberty's prediction of 30 million units solid in the first year is a bit optimistic.  I have no doubt that the watch will do well in its first quarter or two.  But once the built-in market of early adopters is exhausted, I see sales falling dramatically.  I personally don't understand the wearables market.  It's pretty clear that consumers aren't really interested in wearables on a large scale.  Apple needs the watch to create a whole new tentpole for them if it...
Ha!  The coming generation doesn't have any interest in your flat Earth sky wizards.  They're too busy being interested in REAL things like science and technology.  You're a joke.
So gays are like pedophiles, murders and thieves?  Lovely.  The beauty of progress is that people like you are dying out.  Your flat Earth mythology is being abandoned.  Fewer and fewer people believe that crap anymore.  Especially young people.  You're losing.  And, frankly, it's pretty funny to watch you bigots trip all over yourself while the rest of the world moves forward toward the light.
The same reason some parents let their kids die instead of taking them to the doctor. Because sweet baby Jeebus said so.
Oh yes, by all means, let's live our lives according to the hypocritical book of Bronze Age mythology glorifying Santa Claus for grown ups. And then let's be really judgemental while proclaiming that we're not, hiding behind our fairy tale religion while we spit our venom.
Thing is, he's NOT an obvious heterosexual. The lady doth protest too much.
Seriously, just come out already. If you think it's reasonable for an interviewer to ask him specific questions about anal sex, that says a lot about you and nothing about him. Why are the gay haters always so fascinated with gay sex??? Hmmmm, I wonder...And newsflash, you homophobe, plenty of heterosexuals have anal sex.
According to the article the Band has GPS and the Apple Watch doesn't. That's a big differentiator in my mind. If I spend the day hiking, the Band can log my route. The watch cannot. That said, neither product really interests me but if were to buy one, it would be the Band. It seems far more useful for what would interest me (sports related features) and the price point is good. As soon as I heard the Apple Watch price, I said no way.
I'm far from convinced that the Apple Watch will be a success, but there's no threat from a Microsoft watch. The only brand with enough potential loyal customers to make a smart watch truly successful is Apple. I'm one of those customers. 30+ years. And I have zero desire for an Apple Watch. It's very hard for me to imagine any company turning the smart watch into a must have item.
 Like him or not, Gruber is far from an idiot.  Yes, watches have always been round, but the Moto 360 is more than just round.  It's thick, flat, and too big.  It looks pretty good in photos that just show the watch.  Not so when you see it on someone's wrist.  It's incredibly unwieldily and unattractive.
New Posts  All Forums: