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None of these Jobs movies much interest me. At this point, seriously, we know the stories, we know he could be a jerk. I don't see the point. The Jobs drama is more interesting to me, but I'll still probably wait for Netflix unless the overall consensus is brilliant.
They need the good sheeple to be afraid, to not understand that it is OUR actions, year after year, decade after decade, that not only created this "terrorist" problem but makes it worse every day. But it's profitable. Very profitable. So don't expect the narrative to change, much less for anyone in government to act sensibly.
I think he's referring to our policy of indiscriminate bombing and use of drones to ensure continued conflict and an endless supply of angry terrorists to keep our war machine profitable. Something like that anyway.
And you think it's going to get better? The surveillance state is here to stay.
Sometimes you can't quantify things so precisely. It's just a feeling. Especially if you're a long time customer. I agree with his assessment. New releases seem a lot shakier to me than in years past. Just today I was working in one user account with another logged in and Yosemite decided that both accounts just needed to logout simultaneously for no apparent reason. Cloud services continue to be Apple's Achilles heel. I have meta-data issues in iTunes all the time. I'm...
Not discounting your experience but I've had no issues with Yosemite. I've been a Mac and NeXT user for almost 35 years. Lots and lots of upgrades. And Yosemite was painless. I'm running it on my primary work machine (FileMaker developer). I've experienced no random restarts or anything else you describe, just solid performance. When performing a major upgrade, I usually do a clean install and migrate my data over from time machine. I think a lot of OS errors are the...
What's your point?
Given how much profit Apple rakes in every quarter, they should give all customers unlimited cloud storage.
My response will be: maybe the U.S. Should stop meddling all over the world and stop making us a target by shamelessly trying to manipulate and control the development of other nations (mostly for the benefit of multinational oil companies that have no allegiance to the U.S., but who are happy to use our military as a private police force while taking unnecessary subsidies from US taxpayers).
I like OS X Tahoe. Of course I'm biased since Tahoe is home. OS X Mammoth gets my vote too.
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