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The only thing patronizing is thinking the 4+ billion people whose net worth is a few hundred dollars and live on pennies a day are potential iPhone buyers.
No. It wasn't clear to me. I read that as your prediction for the future, not iPhone history. My apologies. That said, there's no indication that it will happen again with the watch. Adding 3G and dropping the price really got iPhone sales moving. Maybe the next watch will find the right mix of tech and price point to move beyond niche accessory.
What does the number of people in the world have to do with the number of iPhones sold? Anyone? That's right! NOTHING! I know you think you're smart...Now what does the number of iPhones sold have to do with the number of watches sold? A lot. Considering you need an iPhone to use the watch. So that's your potential market.Nothing patronizing about it.
What's your problem? No one can have an opinion that contradicts yours? I guess you have a crystal ball? Or maybe you're just dumb as rocks and think you can see into the future? None of that has happened. We're talking about the market today. Not your Christmas fantasy.
All of this comparing one product launch to another is utterly pointless. A lot fewer people were into technology when the iPod launched or iTunes or even the iPhone for that matter. As others have correctly noted, the Watch is an iPhone accessory, not a new tentpole product. So how well should that accessory sell? Given the hype, Apple generated or not, fair or unfair, expectations were high. I remember some people posting here that they'd sell 40 million the first...
I can't agree with your assessment of the market.  What I see is a few million Apple super fans who were chomping at the bit to buy *anything* new from their beloved company.  That does not a market make.  Let's give Apple the benefit of the doubt and say they sold 3 million units.  How many compatible iPhones are out there?  200 million?  300 million?  That's pretty weak when you consider the market potential.  Perhaps Apple with convince the general iPhone-loving public...
Why? Because I have an opinion that isn't raving fanboy? Considering I've been buying Apple (and NeXT) products for over 30 years, make my living on Macs, have switched several companies to Macs over the years, and have never owned a PC...I hardly think I'm a troll. I'm willing to bet I've contributed more to Apple's bottom line than 90%+ of the people posting here. But heaven forbid I have a difference of opinion about something!
The only thing clueless are people who are trying to convince themselves the Watch is a hit and that the public wants smart watches.
No. You don't get it. Portable music players were huge. Who cares if they were hard drive or tape based? That's not the point. People already carried their music around and Apple made it better. The Watch is not s better mousetrap in the same way.
Sort of like you and logic.
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