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Exactly. If we're on this forum, we're all nerdy enough to imagine all kinds of cool future gadgets. But today, and the foreseeable future, the Apple Watch is a watch. Apple went to great lengths to fit all of that technology into a tiny, stylish enclosure. I'm not particularly interested in it, but I wildly admire the design and technological innovation. They aren't doing all that hard work to later slap an iphone 6+ across our forearms.
No. I just have good taste. And no one with good taste is going to be wearing some weird armband watch. Wearables are not the future. They are a blip on our way to implants and embedded technology. Cyborg future awaits. Singularity is near.
No vision? He's absolutely right. If they wanted to make a "watch" with a big screen that covers your forearm, they could have (easily) done that already. They clearly went out of their way to make it watch size.The Apple Watch isn't going to evolve into some big screen weird watch-bracelet-phone that replaces everything. You don't need "vision" to realize that.
Or one could stop eating a bunch of crap and not get diabetes in the first place. But given that HALF of Americans will be diabetic or pre-diabetic in the next few years, I'd say that willpower is not our strength. We'd rather wait for technology to "fix" the problem while stuffing our faces.But I agree with your assessment. The more I see of the Watch, the more I like it. And I completely dismissed it at first. I still have no interest in one personally, but I think it...
And a white person who refuses service to a black person because of deeply held beliefs? We've already been there as a nation and we're not going back.
And what about an atheist business owner who doesn't want to bake a cake for a Christian bigot wedding? The law says that atheist business owner cannot refuse on the basis of the customer's religion. So someone who is offended by a specific religion is forced by the government to not discriminate but it's ok to let someone discriminate because of religion?
Wearables are not going to take over. Look at the success of the iPhone 6+. People want bigger screens in their pockets, not a tiny little postage stamp size screen on their wrist. I know the industry is looking for "the next big thing", but wearables are not it. No doubt they'll have a place in the accessory market, but we're not going to be talking into our watches Dick Tracy style.
Here's the thing. He already gets special treatment under the law. His CHOICE of religion gets him special treatment. When he goes into a bakery and orders a Christian wedding cake, the baker cannot say "sorry, I don't bake cakes for Christians." That illegal. The same "special treatment" he and others like him decry for gays is something they already enjoy.Let's assume for a moment that being gay is 100% a choice (which, for the record, I think is complete bull**** and...
The problem with this line of thinking is that one can't always assume that other options will be available. We'd be rolling back the clock over half a century and totally spitting on the legacy of civil riots pioneers if we allowed any business, corporate or mom and pop, to discriminate. We might not all like each other or believe the same things, but we can - and must! - be cordial and tolerant of each other's differences in the public sphere. That's what a civilized...
Simple. If you walk into my bakery and ask me to bake a cake for your Christian wedding, the law says I can't refuse to do so because of your religion. So if I'm being forced to bake your Christian wedding cake, you can be forced to bake my big fat gay wedding cake. Get it?
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