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  True.  But there's something particularly irritating about this video in my opinion.  There's absolutely nothing special about the product, yet they act as if it is some work of art.  I mean, seriously, how much time did it take their designers to rip off the Surface and find a few nice fabrics?  Furthermore, I don't care how they spin it, but every Logitech product I've ever owned has been half-baked at best.  $150 for this?  Absurd!
After watching that smug, patronizing video, I'd never buy the product! Yes, Ive's infomercials are pretty smug too, but he's talking about hardware. Making all that technology fit inside a sleek design takes some serious work. This, on the other hand, is yet another lame "folio" case and they act like its something extraordinary.
  Fair enough.  But I still don't understand the product.  An unsubsidized iPhone 4 or 4S is less expensive than an unsubsidized iPhone 5 today.  So what people want, then, is a phone that is somehow based on the current model but costs 2/3 the price of the unsubsidized "flagship" model?  This new phone should be even cheaper than the two year old model that is still in production.  Am I getting this right?   The only thing the "cheap" iPhone will be is...a cheap iPhone....
I'm a bit confused by all this "cheap" iPhone talk. I can get an iPhone 4 for $0.99 or an iPhone 4s for $99.99 from AT&T. Seems pretty cheap to me. I'm not really sure what people expect from Apple these days. The stock is taking a beating for no good reason and the media is pumping Samsung, again, for no good reason. There's absolutely nothing revolutionary about the Galaxy S4. The new features are gimmicks. If Apple integrates a fingerprint sensor for unlocking,...
I use a number of apps from small developers who employ at least a few people each. Omni, IGG, NoThirst, Cultured Code all come to mind. The success of various game developers on iOS has also been well documented.
If 20% are making a living, I'd call that a sustainable business. Might be a business of one, but it's a business.The majority of app developers in any store aren't going to be able to make a living. The Internet facilitates more glut. How many word processors do we need? Before easy and cheap distribution, you had few titles to choose from. Today there are hundreds of apps that all do the same thing in pretty much every category. Only a few will be popular.I bet game...
That's not true. Apple complies with all local tax laws. Why should they be double taxed? The income was earned outside the us and taxes were paid where the income was earned. Instead of demanding more tax revenue from businesses (who employ Americans, half of whom pay income tax), why aren't we cutting all the waste? Our military budget is absurd. And for what? Instead of punishing success, why don't we get realistic about spending? I'm not talking about social...
You miss the point. You are already required to declare these purchases and pay sales tax. Yes, the law will eventually change and businesses will be required to do the tax collecting for you. But make no mistake, all of us buying sales tax-free items online and not declaring and paying taxes are already in violation of the law. We're all tax dodgers.
Sadly I don't see that ever happening. We've become way too much of an entitlement culture to ever be competitive again.
Great point. How many people on here whining about Apple not paying taxes shop online to avoid sales tax? Despite the fact that, by law, we're all required to declare those purchases and pay that tax to our respective states. That's outright tax dodging compared to what Apple is doing, which is perfectly legal. Yet lets tar and feather all those big evil corporations!
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