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Maybe because "affordable luxury" is an oxymoron? Give me a break. They are a consumer electronics company. Not a fashion brand. If they think they're become s fashion brand, like I said, bumpy road ahead. You obviously have a very short memory. I've been buying Apple stuff for over 30 years. Their epic rise happened in the last few years. So they are big and successful today. Wildly successful. But they spent decades slugging it out and staying afloat. What goes up can...
Yes, on the strength of a single product that pulls in 70%+ of their revenue. The Watch, on the other hand, is obviously not selling well and there's no love for it out in the wild, not like we see with iPhone. No enthusiasm. Like I said, if they are trying to get into the "luxury" market, good luck with that!
Well thanks for clearing that up! Glad to know that since your dad never owned a Walkman and does own an iPod, that the Walkman wasn't a popular device. I didn't realize your dad's buying habits were the measure of device popularity. Understood.
Watches are a huge business. Smart watches no. People who spent thousands of dollars in luxury watches buy them for the craftsmanship, collectibility, etc. It's not the same thing. With music players people were already used to carrying around music and Apple delivered a better way to do do. I don't see the Watch as an improvement over traditional watches and I don't think consumers do either. It's a gadget first and foremost, a watch second, and will be treated as...
Right. It's called hedging. If sales are weak you fall back on your "plan" to not announce sales numbers. Pretty obvious what's going on. They would have gleefully announced numbers if the numbers were impressive.
Give me a break.  What can a competitor possibly learn from announcing sales numbers other than the fact that it's not a market worth pursuing?  Seriously.  That was pure spin.  Apple is under no obligation to announce sales numbers, but let's be real.  If they had blown the doors off and sold 10 million units in the first week, they would have been shouting it with glee from every roof top, competition be damned.
 I don't think anyone considers Apple to be "affordable luxury" as you state.  It's not out of reach.  You can get a free iPhone, maybe not the latest model, but you can get an earlier generation for free.  I see plenty of people who definitely can't afford anything "luxury" talking away on their iPhones.  Neither the perception that it is a luxury good, nor the price, drives Apple's iPhone sales.  A better user experience and mindshare does.  iPhone is to "smart phones"...
 Do you really think anyone seriously considers the Apple Watch to be a piece of "fine" jewelry?  It's a nice watch, but it most definitely does not scream "luxury".  And why on Earth would Apple want to go after the luxury category anyway?  They are a consumer electronics company.  If their primary motivation in creating the Watch was to break into the luxury goods market, they need to reexamine priorities ASAP.  That screams vanity and ego, not smart business.
Apple may not NEED to own Tesla, but since when does Apple do partnerships?  If they are getting into the car business, they are going to want own it.  As you rightly suggest, with Apple bankrolling Tesla, the Model 3 could be a reality sooner than Tesla's promised 3-4 years.  Yes, Apple can reinvent the wheel and do it themselves, or they can jump to the front of the line.  That's my take anyway.
 Most definitely.  And understandably so.  But what happens before these cars even get on the road?  How do they handle life and death decisions?  For example, a self driving car is cruising down the highway and out of nowhere a kid on a bike comes flying into the road.  What does the car do?  Should it hit the kid?  Only one casualty.  If it swerves, it will impact the car in the next lane and perhaps send it into oncoming traffic, thus risking more lives than the kid on...
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