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Working directly with talent. Bringing in two industry luminaries to handle artist relations and essentially build a label. Why pay royalties to labels if you can work directly with the artists instead?
The only company I'd support Apple buying is Nintendo. I say that as both an Apple customer and shareholder. Bringing the Nintendo brand and characters to Apple would be a smart move and would totally re-energize the Nintendo platform. Apple TV becomes the next generation Wii with an App Store and game rentals. All games go exclusive for iOS devices. Nest for 3.2B seems insane. The question is, could Apple spend 3.2 billion to build Nest? For sure. That money is...
 Agreed.  To a point.  But there's nothing "Universal" about USB.  That's the point.  It's a mess of different cables with different connectors.  I could deal with a few, a larger desktop device connector and a mini connector, for example.  I do a lot of backpacking and carry a Powerfilm solar panel with a USB car charger to charge my Steripen (water purifier), headlamp, portable speaker, and iPhone.  Wouldn't it be nice if I could carry one standard cable?  My portable...
He's right. I hate USB. How many different connectors does one "standard" need? How many cables should one have to carry to connect his or her devices. USB was a great idea. Too bad it's been so poorly implemented and managed.
  No, but neither was developing the same OS for multiple hardware architectures, as NeXT did.  Nor was switching Mac users from Classic to OS X and PowerPC to Intel.  Apple has managed a number of very complex hardware transitions rather smoothly.  If they really wanted to switch from ARM to Intel, they could.  But why would they?  There's no incentive.
And you'll continue to be a good little sheep while unaccountable government agencies sift through every trace of electronic communications in an effort to thwart the terrorist boogeyman they created. As long as you feel "safe", who cares if the government is acting like the USSR, not the USA.
  True.  But there's something particularly irritating about this video in my opinion.  There's absolutely nothing special about the product, yet they act as if it is some work of art.  I mean, seriously, how much time did it take their designers to rip off the Surface and find a few nice fabrics?  Furthermore, I don't care how they spin it, but every Logitech product I've ever owned has been half-baked at best.  $150 for this?  Absurd!
After watching that smug, patronizing video, I'd never buy the product! Yes, Ive's infomercials are pretty smug too, but he's talking about hardware. Making all that technology fit inside a sleek design takes some serious work. This, on the other hand, is yet another lame "folio" case and they act like its something extraordinary.
  Fair enough.  But I still don't understand the product.  An unsubsidized iPhone 4 or 4S is less expensive than an unsubsidized iPhone 5 today.  So what people want, then, is a phone that is somehow based on the current model but costs 2/3 the price of the unsubsidized "flagship" model?  This new phone should be even cheaper than the two year old model that is still in production.  Am I getting this right?   The only thing the "cheap" iPhone will be is...a cheap iPhone....
I'm a bit confused by all this "cheap" iPhone talk. I can get an iPhone 4 for $0.99 or an iPhone 4s for $99.99 from AT&T. Seems pretty cheap to me. I'm not really sure what people expect from Apple these days. The stock is taking a beating for no good reason and the media is pumping Samsung, again, for no good reason. There's absolutely nothing revolutionary about the Galaxy S4. The new features are gimmicks. If Apple integrates a fingerprint sensor for unlocking,...
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