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I don't get it. Why not just have an Amazon Favorites app on your phone with all of the items you buy regularly. One tap and a new order is placed. Instead I'm supposed to stick stupid buttons around the house? What a waste of resources. More plastic for the ocean.
 I agree on the content part of the Apple TV.  If the new version is just programming delivered via the Internet with a slick new interface, but essentially perpetuates the old ad-based model, I'm not interested either.  I am, however, interested in other rumored features, especially an App Store.  With an App Store, independent content creators can create their own apps and sell content through in-app purchases.  And I think gaming will give the next Apple TV a huge...
 Why stop there?  It will be inside their person.  And probably government mandated.  I'm glad I'll be old and won't care about this stuff and I'm glad I don't have kids because the future we're building for them is really nasty.
 Maybe so, but these two are basics.  If you can't get them right on your own, no technology is going to give you will power.  I don't think fitness trackers will ever be a successful product category for two reasons.  First, only a very small group of truly fit people are interested in them.  These people are data geeks more than they are health nuts.  But most healthy/fit people aren't really interested in tracking all of that minutiae.  So if there are only so many...
I think the hockey puck mouse was all Jobs. Just like the Cube. Before NeXT got out of the hardware business, they went to a hockey puck mouse design. It sucked just as bad then as it did on the iMac.
Makes me miss the NeXT days.
I think it's more about a hub that is always listening and aware of your location that knows what device you wish to control. I'm not sure a wrist worn device is actually necessary, although it could very easily be the way one interacts with the home hub. Or microphones could be installed throughout the house. Or one could wear a little pin or some other piece of jewelry with the microphone. Personally I don't want to have to wear anything. I just want microphones placed...
I don't think there's anything illegal about giving a CD to someone either. The illegal part is keeping the ripped files on your computer. Pre-file sharing no one really cared much about this stuff. I used to run an indie record label. Everyone knew music was shared. Making a tape for a friend was largely considered fair use, even if it was technically illegal. But attitudes changed when file sharing came about because then it became effortless to share something with...
I'm not ignoring anything. I don't believe your buffet question was directed at me. You were trolling someone else who doesn't agree with you. As for buffets, they're gross.
Have you read his other posts? He's a nasty troll. Always talking down and being condescending. I'm surprised it's taken this long for him to show his racist colors. Just waiting for the homophobia and misogyny now.
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