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What's your point?
Given how much profit Apple rakes in every quarter, they should give all customers unlimited cloud storage.
My response will be: maybe the U.S. Should stop meddling all over the world and stop making us a target by shamelessly trying to manipulate and control the development of other nations (mostly for the benefit of multinational oil companies that have no allegiance to the U.S., but who are happy to use our military as a private police force while taking unnecessary subsidies from US taxpayers).
I like OS X Tahoe. Of course I'm biased since Tahoe is home. OS X Mammoth gets my vote too.
Nor do I.  So what's your problem?  You keep attacking me but you don't really respond to anything, nor offer any points of substance.  Just personal attacks. I think Christians (and anyone else) who use their religion to codify discrimination into law are horrible people.  And I think people of faith who accuse gays of demanding "special rights" when THEY THEMSELVES have special rights are total hypocrites.  That's where all this started.  Since you don't have a problem...
I don't consider myself bigoted.  I definitely think religion is silly, but I don't believe anyone should be prevented from believing whatever he or she wants, even if I think it's absurd.  I value freedom and the right to chose to live one's life as one sees fit.  I don't believe anyone has the right to shove his or her belief system down someone else's throat, nor do I believe that someone's chosen belief system magically rises above everything else and serves as a...
Were believers like you the majority, we'd have a much better society.
Societal pressure?  Give me a break.  RELIGIOUS pressure.  There's only one source of anti-gay bigotry.  Religion.  If anything, society is opening up to gay people and there's less pressure to deny one's truth.  The sole source of such pressure these days is religion.  But I appreciate your acknowledgement that gay people are born that way ("the seed of the person is/was always there" = "born that way") even if you're not willing to acknowledge that RELIGION is the reason...
Agreed.  But let's be honest  It's religiously-inspired peer pressure.  I have yet to meet a gay person who came out later in life but grew up in a household/environment that viewed gay people as equals.  It's only the people who grew up in oppressive, fear-driven religious households/communities that feel this kind of peer pressure.
I've known a few people who have come out later in life.  And they all had one common thread.  RELIGION.  They stayed in the closet, denied their truth for years, struggled, and lived a lie for decades BECAUSE of religion.  You're an utter fool if you think someone just one day decides that he or she just isn't really a heterosexual after all and switches teams.  It's only when these people finally free themselves from the oppressive, discriminatory and hateful anti-gay...
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