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And when you forget, you open the Amazon app and place an order. Why not create an Amazon favorites app with "buttons" for all of your frequently purchases items? My biggest gripe with these buttons is that they are a total waste of resources. I know, deciding what is a waste and what isn't is s very slippery slope. But seriously, a bunch of plastic plus whatever tech, batteries, etc is required to operate. Just to save you the trouble of opening an app on your smartphone...
Besides, it's not like these buttons help when you truly run out. Unless they feature Star Trek transporter technology. I love the convenience of ordering household supplies and consumables from Amazon. But I'm not so ridiculously lazy that I can't just grab my phone, open the shopping app, and order something I need.
If I apply your logic to the industry as a whole, clearly Microsoft has the most highly regarded UI designers on the planet because Windows is so popular.Jony has more than proven himself in industrial design. He deserves all of the respect he gets. He's earned it. But none of that makes him a good UI designer. He has not yet proven himself in that area. Personally I find his efforts (and yes, he has a team...but he is in charge; it's his vision) rather mediocre thus far.
Could not agree more! I love Apple's hardware design but I don't think Jony is doing a good job with UI. Designing a physical object is a lot different from designing an interface. In many respects, I think its a bad idea to have the same designer in charge of both hardware and UI. The person to whom you responded called Jony the most respected designer on the planet. And I think there's truth to that statement - when it comes to industrial design. But not UI. The jury...
I don't get it. Why not just have an Amazon Favorites app on your phone with all of the items you buy regularly. One tap and a new order is placed. Instead I'm supposed to stick stupid buttons around the house? What a waste of resources. More plastic for the ocean.
 I agree on the content part of the Apple TV.  If the new version is just programming delivered via the Internet with a slick new interface, but essentially perpetuates the old ad-based model, I'm not interested either.  I am, however, interested in other rumored features, especially an App Store.  With an App Store, independent content creators can create their own apps and sell content through in-app purchases.  And I think gaming will give the next Apple TV a huge...
 Why stop there?  It will be inside their person.  And probably government mandated.  I'm glad I'll be old and won't care about this stuff and I'm glad I don't have kids because the future we're building for them is really nasty.
 Maybe so, but these two are basics.  If you can't get them right on your own, no technology is going to give you will power.  I don't think fitness trackers will ever be a successful product category for two reasons.  First, only a very small group of truly fit people are interested in them.  These people are data geeks more than they are health nuts.  But most healthy/fit people aren't really interested in tracking all of that minutiae.  So if there are only so many...
I think the hockey puck mouse was all Jobs. Just like the Cube. Before NeXT got out of the hardware business, they went to a hockey puck mouse design. It sucked just as bad then as it did on the iMac.
Makes me miss the NeXT days.
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