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No argument, but that doesn't make it right.
Good question.  Whatever it is, an artist shouldn't have a tracked streamed MILLIONS of times and only see a few HUNDRED bucks out of it, though.  That's just wrong.
And how are artists supposed to make a living?  There are other revenue streams obviously (touring, merchandise, licensing tracks for use in movies, commercials, etc), but these aren't a guarantee.  And if no one is buying physical media anymore, you can't sell CDs at shows, which is how indie bands used to make a lot of their money.  The world has only changed because we have allowed it to change.  If you actually care about artists, you don't support streaming services....
 Agreed.  It makes me sick when I hear Cook, etc. talk about how much they love music - while totally screwing over artists.  How about using some of that 200 billion dollar cash pile to pay content creators a fair streaming (or royalty) rate?
I don't think Apple Music is doing very well.  I base my opinion solely on my peer group, which of course is anything BUT a scientific study.  That said, I know quite a few iPhone owners and only one has signed up for Apple Music (and doesn't think she'll keep using it after the free trial).  Many use Spotify.  When I ask why they haven't tried Apple Music, they all pretty much just shrug it off and say they already like Spotify and don't see the point.  Apple Music is...
Of course I fell for it. I mean people on this forum are shockingly rude and mean spirited in general. You said you were talking about the iPhone. If I disagree and say that wasn't obvious, it's just more insults. So I took you at your word and apologized for misreading your post. Which I guess I didn't misread. But you get a laugh. Or whatever gets you off.
I don't criticize loyalty. I love loyalty. I've made a lot of money over the years thanks to Apple and Apple fans. What I criticize are jerk fanboys who can't accept other opinions. No cognitive dissonance at work. One can be a fan of the company and the tech and not think every product is a great idea. Pretty ridiculous that you can't grasp that concept.
The only thing patronizing is thinking the 4+ billion people whose net worth is a few hundred dollars and live on pennies a day are potential iPhone buyers.
No. It wasn't clear to me. I read that as your prediction for the future, not iPhone history. My apologies. That said, there's no indication that it will happen again with the watch. Adding 3G and dropping the price really got iPhone sales moving. Maybe the next watch will find the right mix of tech and price point to move beyond niche accessory.
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