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I loved misfits! Got into it a few years ago and burned through all the seasons. Great show. Great direction and visuals. And awesome music. I'd pay at least three times the current Hulu plus price if it were commercial free.
At the moment, no. I haven't used torrent in close to two years. But I'm not going to pretend that I wouldn't use it if there was something I really wanted to watch and the legal services I currently use didn't offer it.
I'm not your son, douchebag. I said I'd be willing to pay more money for fewer channels with no ads. Can you not read??? I never said I wanted to pay the same price for all the same channels one gets on cable, but get them commercial free. Learn to read.
What a joke. Everyone knew downloading music was illegal. But you needed a court to rubber stamp it? You're a total hypocrite, admitting to STEALING MUSIC, YOU HORRIBLE THIEF. YOURE JUST A THIEF!!! Own it THIEF!
Oh spare me the moral argument from your high horse. It's tiresome. There are plenty of things that are illegal that are worthy of discussion. Did you know that until pretty recently it was illegal (on paper) for an interracial couple to be married in some US states? I guess no one should have talked about that and just kissed the government's ***, right? And as we work to legalize marijuana across the country, I guess everyone should just shut up and stop talking about...
Nice to see someone who gets it. I'd pay $100+/month for a service with fewer "channels" that are commercial free. Offering a commercial free solution is how you differentiate yourself and give your customers something better. Otherwise you're just another cable provider. And if viewers can't skip commercials like they can with cable and a DVR, the service is even less compelling.
True. Because I'm not going to let these two forum troll bullies go unchallenged. But Im done now. I've been reading this site for many many years and it used to be a fun place to exchange thoughts and ideas. Not so much anymore.
Oh geez. Apple is lucky to have customers like me. Ones who have been buying product for over 30 years. Ones who make their living using Apple products. Ones who write software for Apple OSes. Ones who have converted other businesses to Apple products. You know nothing about me.Now get over your self important self. I said I'm not paying to watch commercials. That doesn't make the service a rip off. A rip off suggests that something is more expensive than it should be. I...
Crying all the way to the bank. I personally saw a lot more interest in the iPad than I have in the Watch so far. It'll be interesting. Either they legitimize the wearables market or prove, once and for all, that consumers aren't interested in the category.
For the last time, I said I'm not going to jump between multiple boxes and services. As I explained earlier, apple TV is one box. It's like chsnging channels between Netflix and Hulu and apple and whatever else. But you know this. And you ignore my comments and keep beating me over the head with your perceived contradiction. What's your problem? Why are you such a jerk? I offered a reasonable opinion about a rumored TV service and because you don't agree with my point...
New Posts  All Forums: