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I think it's more about a hub that is always listening and aware of your location that knows what device you wish to control. I'm not sure a wrist worn device is actually necessary, although it could very easily be the way one interacts with the home hub. Or microphones could be installed throughout the house. Or one could wear a little pin or some other piece of jewelry with the microphone. Personally I don't want to have to wear anything. I just want microphones placed...
I don't think there's anything illegal about giving a CD to someone either. The illegal part is keeping the ripped files on your computer. Pre-file sharing no one really cared much about this stuff. I used to run an indie record label. Everyone knew music was shared. Making a tape for a friend was largely considered fair use, even if it was technically illegal. But attitudes changed when file sharing came about because then it became effortless to share something with...
I'm not ignoring anything. I don't believe your buffet question was directed at me. You were trolling someone else who doesn't agree with you. As for buffets, they're gross.
Have you read his other posts? He's a nasty troll. Always talking down and being condescending. I'm surprised it's taken this long for him to show his racist colors. Just waiting for the homophobia and misogyny now.
Totally racist. Disgusting. So black people can't understand the concept of IP? Way to keep it classy.
I loved misfits! Got into it a few years ago and burned through all the seasons. Great show. Great direction and visuals. And awesome music. I'd pay at least three times the current Hulu plus price if it were commercial free.
At the moment, no. I haven't used torrent in close to two years. But I'm not going to pretend that I wouldn't use it if there was something I really wanted to watch and the legal services I currently use didn't offer it.
I'm not your son, douchebag. I said I'd be willing to pay more money for fewer channels with no ads. Can you not read??? I never said I wanted to pay the same price for all the same channels one gets on cable, but get them commercial free. Learn to read.
What a joke. Everyone knew downloading music was illegal. But you needed a court to rubber stamp it? You're a total hypocrite, admitting to STEALING MUSIC, YOU HORRIBLE THIEF. YOURE JUST A THIEF!!! Own it THIEF!
Oh spare me the moral argument from your high horse. It's tiresome. There are plenty of things that are illegal that are worthy of discussion. Did you know that until pretty recently it was illegal (on paper) for an interracial couple to be married in some US states? I guess no one should have talked about that and just kissed the government's ***, right? And as we work to legalize marijuana across the country, I guess everyone should just shut up and stop talking about...
New Posts  All Forums: