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It's because of a few factors:- No TV- Mac Pro rumored to cost $8,000- No vision for the future
The iPod... innovation.The first iPhone... innovation.The first iPad... innovation.iPhone frame made of antenna array... innovation.The new Mac Pro's... innovation. As far as the competition in computer/mobile... don't care.I'm an Apple guy, always have been. I'm just not part of the cult - indoctrinated to believe absolutely everything Apple does is pure genius, the absolute best possible choice, and the only 1 true innovator in the world.  I'm just not going to call...
 You didn't list a single 'innovation'.A faster chip is not 'innovation' - it's progress."Much better camera" is not innovation - not when competitors have better ones using the same method of programming.Fingerprint Security - Apple didn't innovate this, they implemented it.Same price as predecessor - innovation? lol
I get that.I just wouldn't call the 5s an 'innovation' in smart phone technology.Really, this is just a chip update meant to push the virtues of iOS7. The 'innovation' will come from app developers. 5s will facilitate it.So are we calling 'facilitative' - 'innovation' now?
What have they 'innovated' with this phone?I don't see any physical innovation at all. Faster chip, camera update, fingerprint security? Wouldn't call that 'innovation'. The innovation is in the software.iOS 7 is the innovation... these phones are just vessels to make it sing. 5s is a bit faster... wooooI don't foresee people chucking their 5's over the Golden Gate Bridge for this hardware update.
Design fail. Steve would never have allowed the 'white bands'. It's tacky, unfinished, and looks horrible. Start packing your bags Ives.
I won't, and a lot of peers won't touch CC. Now it becomes a waiting game. Adobe laying siege to customers and customers milling about with CS 6 laying siege to Adobe - who blinks first? The game changer will be MS and Apple - and if new OS's will support CS 6. Flash is dead. I don't think shareholders want to kill their golden goose. I think they won't kill CC, but we will see more price drops and new iterations of it. Meanwhile, we wait for the hacking community to...
This article is bull. Should read "Apple iAd expands iRadio services to same brands already paying for iAd". No new 'Top Brands' signing up - in fact there are so few advertisers willing to sign up that they get 'Exclusivity' for entire industries. iAd does have potential, but not how Apple is handling it. Ad's every 15 minutes or 3 or 4 songs... that's not going to persuade many listeners to purchase Match subscriptions. There are just way too many free & ad-free...
Exactly my sentiments. The back looks cheap with the different color bands as well. Looks unfinished.
I don't mind the color... but the white face??? and unfinished bands on the back... wtf??? I don't believe these photos to be real of a finished product. No chance Apple releases a phone looking like that.
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