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Current Economics vs Professional Rational Wthout the 'Professionals' there would be no Consumer market. Unless you think 'Reality TV' is king. 'Professionals' are the drivers; the designers, the artists, and the coders. They generate the content viewed/played/read by consumers. If your going to f*** over the professionals... your... Microsoft. and we all know how that world looks and plays. Steve soon realized that if they put a bullet through the heads of all their...
and your solution is for backdoor sleazy lobbying - bribing your democratically elected government to rule against the will of the people???   So your basically saying your willing to trade your freedom for some cash.   Good for you. I'm sure that's going to work out wonderful for your nation in the end.
Just gifted this book (through Amazon) to Tim Cook... How to Win Friends and Influence People   Figure the guy who is crashing Steve's legacy could use some help.
Massive sell-off by board and execs continues. When they start dumping shares as fast as they possibly can... Sell now. You been warned.
  Right on brotha... chicks can just tape tampons to their head right... BAGS SUCK! Down with bags and their lack of mention in the Bill of Rights...   Hey man, you wanna meet up and have a bag burning? The only good bag is a dead bag. Next thing you know, the 'Bag' gunna want to vote... and have rights n' shit...  
Apple executive team dumping shares as fast as they can without being too obvious... Sell.
There goes Apple's big strategy with TV. Or more realistic... the entire TV thing was a slight of hand to keep the competition focused on TV while Apple designs something radically different. Like robots or cars. Siri's getting a body boys... stay tuned.
How does Ballmer still have a job?????
It's not a watch... you heard it here first. Think bracer
and the garden gets smaller and smaller...
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